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AFL introduces Laws of the Game changes for '09 season
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Friday, December 19 2008 @ 08:32 am ACDT

although, I recently compared my North Melb vs the Brisbane Broncos. The Roos had a height range of about 30cms, 173cm to 203cm. The Broncos only went up to about 192cm, with a range of about 20cms.
Maybe the days of a Paul Callery are numbered. Maybe kids are on average taller than before.

The AFL still CAN allow a reasonable height range, but, needs to ensure the importance of the height range 'extremes'.
Part of that is positional style play. Thankfully, we still have the 'small forward' as a key role (if no longer always a resting rover).
I would like to see a requirement of no 3rd man up in boundary throw ins - - allow the art of 'ruckwork' to survive around the ground.
I would like to see the IC bench restricted to perhaps 2 or 3 'free' IC players plus 1 or 2 subs. And force more on ground rotations - - that after all is footy as most of us know it (although, granted, those who grew up in the old 19th man era........it was even more extreme).