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Northwind blow Icebreakers away
Authored by: JB on Thursday, August 28 2008 @ 12:56 am ACST

Great game for Canada and it is boding well for a great match against Ireland down in Warnambol. It is good to see the guys sharing the scoring around which will provide plenty of headaches for the opposition back line to match up.
It has to be remembered that the Northwind guys mainly come out of the Ontario AFL (OAFL) and have been playing together for a lot longer and more often than most teams represented at the IC, so this may be an important factor in close games that are sure to come. The fact that the team beat the US last yeat inicates that Canada is definately a chance to go deep into the tournament this time around and cement their spot as one of the best teams in the competition. GO NORTHWIND.

Northwind blow Icebreakers away
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Thursday, August 28 2008 @ 09:51 am ACST

Good to see Scott Fleming, he looked alright.

How indicative the game was though, but, he looked alright. (GC17 material??)

It is a shame that there wasn't 2 divisions, you feel sorry for the Finns that they have to back up against Ireland. Hopefully they'll be able to field a team against Sweden.

There's a clear difference in 'professionalism' of the more established nations with longer history, juniors, sponsorship, larger squads based more on merit than availability. The good teams are playing now at a pretty good standard.