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IC08 Live Scores - Round 1 - Royal Park, Melbourne
Authored by: flyinghigh on Wednesday, August 27 2008 @ 10:59 pm ACST

hi all...wierd start to the ic...didnt see those margins coming in the games played but in our game any club which is 10% off will often be on the end of a thrashing...and with all these new teams its bound to happen but if u ask any 1 of those teams would they like to play in a weaker division or go up against the more advanced teams they would always take the 1 division senario...the more times the weaker nations play the stronger 1s the quiker they learn and if they have players,supporters and local league bosses who r passionate to advance there league and learn from these big losses then the 1 division draw could be benifical to the weaker teams...hopefully they use it as a positive and see what they have to do to improve