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IC08 draw - 16 teams, 1 division, 4 pools
Authored by: Sean Finlayson on Wednesday, July 16 2008 @ 02:39 pm ACST
What happened to the USA's jumper ? New design looks crap. Their old one looked so good, so why change it ?

Not a great way to start the tournament ... Expect to see some whallopings in round one. Ireland will embarass Sweden, ditto NZ over Japan, Canda over Finland, Samoa over India, Britain over Peace Team and South Africa over China.

Some terribly inaccessible times for spectators also. Good to see at least one night match scheduled. You'd think if they had the lights, they'd consider using them for more matches.

IC08 draw - 16 teams, 1 division, 4 pools
Authored by: Ian Hill on Wednesday, July 16 2008 @ 03:11 pm ACST

Ireland v Sweden won't be so bad. Recently Denmark went down to Ireland by 20 points and only "comfortably defeated" Sweden. The real worries will be New Zealand v India (a good cricket match up, but hey, this is Australian Football), PNG v Peace Team (so much for the peace), USA v China (an interesting match-up politically, but OUCH!), and Ireland v Finland (omigod).
They're going to need a mercy rule.

Also I think teams should be pooled with neighbouring teams as little as possible. There are five European teams so surely only two of them should have been in one pool with the other three spread out. They have Ireland, Sweden and Finland in one pool - particularly disappointing those two neighbours who already meet regularly. What's the point? Should have swapped Sweden and Japan.