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Doubt cast aside - Nauru to field full team at IC
Authored by: conyers on Monday, April 21 2008 @ 09:22 am ACST

I think the AFL should not have 2 divisions, rather they should have 4 groups of 4. With teams seeded to separate the best and also seperate teams from the same regions just like they do in the FIFA world cup.
If you look at the state of football around the world it is not hard to work out the seeds from the rest.
You would have the top seeds:
New Zealand, PNG, USA, Ireland
2nd Seeds:
Samoa, Denmark, Great Britain, Canada
3rd Seeds:
South Africa, Japan, Nauru, Sweden
Bottom Seeds:
Finland, India, China, Israel/ Palestine
Then if you do the draw you would have groups such as:
Group 1:New Zealand, Great Britain,South Africa, China
Group 2:PNG, Canada, SwedenI, srael/ Palestine
Group 3:Ireland, Samoa, Japan, Finland
Group 4:USA, Denmark, Nauru, India
Top 2 teams from each group would go to the quaret finals, then teams who finish 3rd in each group form their own group for classification matches as do teams who finish 4th.
The advantage of this is each team still gets to compete against the best and worst, still has a chance to win the comp. Of course you will have some games which are one sided but you had that at the first 2 cups anyway and at least by putting the best with the worst the developing nations can gadge their progress and determine what needs to be done next time to improve.

Doubt cast aside - Nauru to field full team at IC
Authored by: Aaron Richard on Monday, April 21 2008 @ 06:32 pm ACST

To be honest, I don't agree with this at all. I don't think there's anything to
be gained by leaving China to get thumped by PNG by 300 points in a pool

By my reckoning, more than 50% of the games would be slaughters of this
magnitude, I reckon you're underestimating the gap between the best and
the worst.

In a two-division structure, the games will be far more even. You might get
one or two blowouts (ie is 1st plays 8th in a given division), but not to the
extent of what you're proposing where every second game would put
someone from the front pack against someone from the relative newbies.

See US Nationals for details.

Not perfect, but I definitely believe a divisional structure is the better option.