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Doubt cast aside - Nauru to field full team at IC
Authored by: conyers on Saturday, April 19 2008 @ 09:33 am ACST

It will be interesting to see if the AFL do split the comp into 2 different divisions as to where they put Nauru. If they get put into Div 2 I could imagine them thrashing each team by 100 points and if they are in Div 1 they will be competitive.
At he 2002 int cup they thrashed Japan by over 100 points and lost their reminding matches in very close contests, at one stage they looked like beating PNG.

Doubt cast aside - Nauru to field full team at IC
Authored by: Aaron Richard on Saturday, April 19 2008 @ 04:09 pm ACST

It's hard to tell... From what I remember of them in 2002 they were alright,
but didn't have the same skills or pace as PNG. That's 6 years ago though.

The IC will almost certainly be in two divisions, but the split will be tough.
Nauru would probably be at the weaker end of division 1, or the top of
division 2. It would probably make a difference that a few key players will
come over early and play country footy, but the collapse of the domestic
comp has to have hurt their standard.

South Africa might be in the same basket, but I'd expect the development
staff involved would want them in division 1. They improved a lot between
2002 and 2005 though, maybe they'll give a few div 1 teams a scare.

Sweden or Tonga could also go either way.

Finland, Japan, China, India, Spain and/or Catalonia would probably be
division 2 sides.

If five out of those six make it, who else would you put in division 2 with