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AFL launches quick link to IC news
Authored by: Brett Northey on Friday, February 29 2008 @ 06:03 pm ACDT

Well at least you're passionate Sean. But if you actually read the article you'd know I never said I was getting excited about the domain, so please don't pad out your argument with invention. But I do happen to think it's another small step in developing an internet presence for the tournament. Was it worth reporting? I'll let the readers decide that, but personally if I'm away from my bookmarks I'll certainly want to type it in rather than find it another way.

> let me ask why didn't you name this website wfn08.com.au

I'll assume you don't really need that explained. But yes, you'll obviously be disheartened to know we would have registered wfn.com as well if it wasn't already taken - much easier for people to type in quickly. And I was asked by the AFL for my opinion on whether to go for a short or long web address, and I favoured the shorter one. Whether that influenced the final decision I don't know, but you haven't persuaded me it was a bad choice. Your point about .au is neither here nor there, it is after all Australian Football and the tournament is in Australia, but yes, personally I reckon ic08.com would be better. And in case you didn't notice, kevin07 was a pretty successful campaign - they did win government. Not that I think it would have had any bearing on the decision for this address at all - it's just obvious for a tournament held in 2008.

As for the AFL's International Cup news site in general, as I've said, it's a work in progress (but not a bad start in my opinion). I don't think we'll know how good or bad it is until closer to the time. But I don't think it will really matter to some, there's always going to be a hardcore group who will hate anything they do.

Regarding registering domains like afleurope.com, I agree with you, they probably should.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN