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IC11 Squad - Timor-Leste Crocs bringing Bite to Cup

International Cup 2011

The Timor-Leste (East Timor) Crocs will be making their IC debut this month, doubling as their debut in full-field international footy. Whilst the Crocs have been an increasingly regular competitor on the Asian footy circuit, this month will be the first time an all-Timorese team have played an international test match under IC eligibility rules.

The Crocs will be playing for the pride of their relatively young nation, which only achieved its independence in 2002 after a long period as a Portuguese colony, followed by occupation by Indonesia. Timor-Leste now has numerous connections to Australia, including the security forces helping rebuild the country's political structures and infrastructure.

Although the Crocs are somewhat of an unknown quantity, on paper it looks like their main weakness may be a lack of height, with their tallest player standing only 178cm - 5 foot 10 in the old scale. One key squad member could be vice-captain Carlos Britto, described by the AFL Timor-Leste as probably the only Timorese citizen to have played representative rugby, and also having playing experience in the AFL Sydney.

2011 AFL International Cup - Timor-Leste Crocs squad

Head Coach: Tom Dyer
Manager: Jim Richards
Go to guy: Luke Gosling

No.NameD.O.BHeight (cm)Weight (kg)Club
1 Julianto Pinto Quinão 25/07/1985   175 East Dili Eels
2 Inácio da Silva Amaral 7/03/1993 167 55 Dili Crocs
3 Marcos Tavares Pires 1/03/1984 180 PDL Toll
4 Neyl Moniz da Silva 25/08/1975 165 Dili Lions
5 Martinho Freitas 10/11/1976 165 East Dili Eels
6 João Barros de Jesus 1/03/1982 170 PDL Toll
7 Mário Afonso Ximenes 2/08/1974 167 60 Rafa Bananas
8 Estanislau Maria da Glória Sarmento Caldas 1/10/1991 168
9 Francisco Miranda de Fátima Freitas Soares 4/06/1971 170 Dili Lions
10 João Carvalho Pereira 8/08/1984 167 63 East Dili Eels
11 Florindo Pinto 12/08/1982 170 86 Dili Crocs
12 Anibal Soares de Jesus 13/07/1983 170
13 Arsenio Augusto de Jesus 25/08/1988 178
14 Julião Barros 24/07/1985 165
15 Romualdo Gouveia Barreto 15/08/1982 160 Dili Crocs
16 Hakim Brandão 9/06/1974 170 Dili Crocs
17 Fernando de Araújo 1/04/1982 160
18 Adelio Agapito Maria Guterres da Costa 19/03/1974 173
19 Mateus Lassata Netício da Silva Barreto Soares 5/10/1998 155 Rafa Bananas
20 Manuel Marsil Santos da Silva 25/06/1994 167 Dili Crocs
21 Carlos Britto 5/07/1976 Dili Crocs
22 Antonio Sarmento Dili Crocs
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