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North American women's footy on SEN

North America

The recent US versus Canada women's international in Vancouver received some great coverage on Melbourne sports station SEN. The US Freedom's coach, Wayne Kraska, was interviewed by Tony Schebeci for 15 minutes back on August 16th. During the chat they discussed the women's programs in both countries, the upcoming US Nationals in Louisville, and Kraska also mentioned the possible tour by his squad to correspond with the 2008 International Cup in Melbourne. Pleasingly Schebeci invited Kraska to report back to the show during the US Nationals, so it should provide further awareness of the game's international progress.

You can find links to the interview on Women's Footy here.

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North American women's footy on SEN | 3 comments | Create New Account
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North American women's footy on SEN
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Wednesday, August 22 2007 @ 08:52 am ACST

The battle for women is more important than many might think - in Aust it is recognised that the AFL has a strength in it's female support as compared to the NRL for example. Melb Victory in the A-League has been using AFL club marketing strategies successfully and both has (~16.5K so far with 1st game this week) vastly better membership than the rest of the comp or any NRL clubs too - including many AFL club members and women (families). (The competitive advantage is never 'forever'.

Interesting that a 13 yr old girl (from Tiwi Islands) - playing for Ivanhoe - won the U13s(?) B&F in the Yarra Valley footy - and she missed 3 games mid year too.

North American women's footy on SEN
Authored by: Brett Northey on Wednesday, August 22 2007 @ 08:03 pm ACST

There's no doubt that getting more women playing the game can play a big part in the sport's growth - both because that's growth in numbers itself, plus the potential influence on the next generation. The more people involved the better.

I actually was a little sceptical a few years ago as to whether full tackling footy would take off with women. I thought a reduced tackling version may be more popular. Certainly there will be women who love the full contact version, but many who may not (I've seen girls who enjoy Gaelic football but wouldn't dream of taking the next step to Aussie Rules). In some areas like South Australia women's footy has really struggled to take off and I would've guessed the tackling issue was why. But the growth in Victoria has been huge, so presumably it's not the rules as such that is holding it back.

Note that the US Freedom are auctioning off a signed jumper, something that would be a pretty historic first, so I'd encourage interested people to visit the above website and put in a bid. If only we could get Sam Newman of The Footy Show fame to open the bidding - he's well known for starting with very generous offers for memorabilia!

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN

North American women's footy on SEN
Authored by: Dale Wilson on Tuesday, August 28 2007 @ 06:28 am ACST

Great to read posts about Women's Football , as a person involved in junior football where we as coach's , trainer;s etc get to teach both male and female Australian Football Skills ,you get to see both side's . In my own Auskick squad i have 3 girls who join in and they love their footy , mind you i think one will go on to be an umpire and to my way of thinking that is a great way for girls to really get involved in footy . Let's face it if it was not for women in football there may not be football , think about what they do for football . In junior football if it was not for good old Mum how would you get to training ? how would you get to the game ? who's going to do the sausage sizzle ? wash my gear ? give me a cuddle when i get wacked in the nose ? Mum that's who . I also know a few women that play in the local footy comp and they have to do a fair bit of travel to do this , but they just love their football . So all you Mum's , Girlfriends , Grandmother's and women Congratulation's in your involvement in Australian Football The Greatest game in the world .
Dale Wilson

Dale Wilson here and i love my footy , Australian football the greatest game in the world , where else in the world is there a game of sport that has al