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Schedule for IC Finals - USA, PNG, Ireland and NZ still in the race

International Cup 2005Only four teams are still in the race for the trophy in this year's International Cup, with all other sides playing off for rankings on Thursday and Saturday. Papua New Guinea and Ireland will meet in one semi final on Thursday, New Zealand and USA in the other. The winners of these two fixtures will then meet at the MCG in the final, as a curtain-raiser to the AFL blockbuster between Carlton and Collingwood. Schedule (as of August 9th) Thursday, August 11th
Murphy Reserve, Port Melbourne

SEMI FINALS - A.T. Aanenson Oval
A 11.00am New Zealand vs USA
B 2.30pm PNG vs Ireland

A 10.00am Canada vs Spain
B 11.45am Japan vs Great Britain
C 1.30pm Samoa vs South Africa

Saturday, August 13th
11.00am Winner QF B vs Winner QF C (for 5th)
12.45pm Loser SF A vs Loser SF B (for 3rd)

11.00am Winner QF A vs Loser QF C (for 7th)
12.45pm Loser QF A vs Loser QF B (for 9th)

GRAND FINAL - Melbourne Cricket Ground
4.00pm Winner SF A vs Winner SF B (for global supremacy)
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Schedule for IC Finals - USA, PNG, Ireland and NZ still in the race | 5 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: Niels Sch√łnnemann on Tuesday, August 09 2005 @ 03:41 am ACST

Here's my guess for the remaining games:

QF A - Canada vs Spain (Canada 35 points)
QF B - Japan vs GB (GB by 15 points)
QF C - Samoa vs South Africa (Samoa by 45 points)

Semi A - NZ vs USA (NZ by 15 points)
Semi B - PNG V Ireland (Ireland by 3 points...???)

5th - Samoa vs GB (Samoa by 45 points)
3rd - USA vs PNG (PNG by 10 points)
7th - Canada vs South Africa (Canada by 25 points)
9th - Spain vs Japan (Japan by 40 points)

GF - NZ vs Ireland (NZ by 15 points)

Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, August 09 2005 @ 02:25 pm ACST

What happend to the ireland team that won in 2002, There doesn't seem to be anyone from that team here this time around, and they don't look as good.......

Authored by: Brett Northey on Tuesday, August 09 2005 @ 06:28 pm ACST

Probably 3 things holding Ireland back so far. They had some issues with training attendance/commitment, so they didn't bring all their best players, but plenty did come in 2002. One group in particular had a very strong Gaelic football background but returned to their original sport. They also haven't really run into form yet. And the rest of the comp has improved. But they're still having a fair go and are still in the mix.

Brett Northey - Co-founder of WFN, Chief Editor and Editor for North America and Africa

Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, August 09 2005 @ 07:09 pm ACST

I am tipping New Zealand and PNG to be in the finals.
The Mossies to be the Champs as they will be buzzing and stinging this time.

Go the Mozzies !!!!

Authored by: Rod Shaw on Tuesday, August 09 2005 @ 08:18 pm ACST

I think Brett will be pretty spot on with his suggestions. Any time there is an away match in games played in overseas countries, even at local level, the pool of players you select from is less than the best available.
If Ireland has turned up with less than their best team you can bet all the rest have too. Denmark, who were certainly a Top 4 consideration this time around, couldn't even get here! If Eire were able to bring near their best team in 2002 then they were very lucky.
In 2002 they were a very disciplined, dour team who were prepared to play to their strengths, with their background in gaelic footy. Numbers behind the ball, flood back, carry the ball forward, block up the opposition's forward line and scrounge and scrimp for every goal. They also walked a very fine line with their actual play and the rules! They were boring but very effective and took what every one else wanted. They didn't have the skills of some of the other teams but they used well what they had. They could all run, they could all handpass well enough and from their background they could read the play- a crucial element in the International development of our game.
As far as other reasons why you don't turn up with your best team to a tournament, that I believe is very prestigious and important in the future of the game's development, are that generally the blokes aren't at their local level as committed as the blokes who play in local comps here. To play in International comps usually the training expectations aren't that extreme. So while a bloke might be able to get away with not training in their local league and even at the next level of representation (and be a standout player) when they are asked to give more at a national level they either can't or won't bother as they have other things to do- family, business, other sports that they originally played that they still love playing and have fitted footy around. Obviously there can be politics involved at selection for whatever reason, there are selection guidelines imposed and rigidly enforced, whether fair or not given relative sacrifices squad members might have to make given their home location and where training camps are held, that may exclude certain players and obviously the greatest hindrance of all is finance.
As far as the best teams, Twirl, you are very brave! Who can say- teams have played different oppositions so in the Round games have had a different mix of "hard" and "soft" matches. The semis are knockouts so anyone can win on the day. weather may have an impact tomorrow, injuries to key players etc etc. Should be two very tight matches!
It has been a great tournament and this is a great site