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Monday, March 08 2021 @ 11:59 am ACDT

Helsinki Heatseekers v Turku Dockers In Finland Grand Final


The AFL Finland Grand Final teams are decided after last weekend’s final round of matches in Vaasa. Unfortunately, the host team, the Vaasa Wombats, will not play in the big match. The Helsinki Heatseekers and Turku Dockers have made their way there after the completion of the Finnish home and away season.

Following is the excellent Chairman’s Report after the last round of matches, reproduced on behalf of AFL Finland.

Chairmans Report, FAFL round 3, Vaasa


The third round was kicked off in fantastic weather, the sun was shining and the temperature a humane 18°C.

The games at the awesome Kaarlen kenttä venue was a truly exciting round 3 of Aussie rules in Vaasa.

 All teams gave a 110% percent in the 9v9 games of 2 x 12 min.

We had at most 64 spectators enjoying the live in-game commentary, great game and the fantastic weather. All team coaches complemented on the great venue and said they would be happy to come back for a grand final in Vaasa if the gods willed a place in the finals.

Game 1 - Waasa Wombats vs. Helsinki Heatseekers

Both teams gave “it all” in both halves, The Wombats kept good pace with the Heatseekers, but unfortunately several good goal possibilities turned into behinds. With five minutes remaining it was still enyones guess who would take the match, but Helsinki got a few good plays in and secured the win buy making goals that count. Both teams have grown a lot during the year both in heart and talent. The Wombats did a nice comeback after their awful round 2 in Paimio (Turku cup) and were a completely different team with fire in their heart and hunger for victory in their bellies.

Final score: Heatseekers 05:06 = 36 d Wombats 02:04 = 16


Game 2 - Helsinki Heatseekers vs. Turku Dockers

The game was one of the most exiting in ages, both teams put huge pressure and showed awesome skills and heart on the field. The lead went forth and back between the teams, making the game a true “nail biter” for spectators. At the final moments Helsinki got a goal in, taking the lead. Right before the game ended Turku had a final chance of scoring, but the fates were against them. This ended the game in a Helsinki win.

Final Score: Heatseekers 05:02 = 32 d Dockers 04:04 = 28


Game 3 - Waasa Wombats vs. Turku Dockers

The final score does not tell how tight this game was, the Wombats had the lead a few times but, in the end, the Dockers midfield players skill and a few bad plays from the Wombats gave Turku a lead of two goals in the second half…and then three at the final minutes of the last round.

Even though the Wombats fought hard and well, it must be said that the Dockers truly deserved the victory.

Final score: Wombats 05:04 = 34 lost to Dockers 08:04 = 52


As a summary, I must say that this has been a good year for the Dockers. I personally am waiting for a thrilling grand final, where anything might happen. This might be the year that the Heatseekers do not go home with a grand final in their pocket.

Both teams will certainly be focusing on the game and hopefully the game, to be played on September the 14th in Vaasa will be a nail biter with great moments and exciting play.

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