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Tuesday, May 11 2021 @ 11:22 am ACST

Dragonslayers and Banshees Take Euro Titles

The 2019 Euro Cup, held in Norrtalje, Sweden on the weekend, crowned the England Dragonslayers as the men’s champions and once again the Irish Banshees as women’s champions. The tournament is the showcase of European Aussie Rules, and the standard of matches across the day upheld that status.

For the Dragonslayers, this was their fifth Euro Cup win after back to back titles in Prague (2008) and Samobor (2009, Croatia), Bordeaux in 2013 and 2017. This was also the fourth title for the Irish Banshees, including a back-to-back performance after winning last year in Cork.

The men’s draw saw the traditional powerbrokers – England, Ireland, Croatia and Germany – joined by France, Wales, Scotland, Netherlands and host nation Sweden. But the most compelling aspect of the draw was the growing number of developing nations with Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic and Israel each sending teams.
Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Israel impressed with multiple wins during the tournament. The Czech Republic and Finland also recorded victories. The Swiss Heidi’s would have been delighted to come away from the women’s draw with a win against the Croatian Queens at their first Euro Cup.

The women’s draw saw teams from Ireland, England, Germany, France, Wales, Croatia and Scotland returning to the event along with first-timers Switzerland.

In the men’s draw, the host nation Sweden took out the Men’s Bowl Final when they downed Croatia 25 to 15. The Men’s Plate Final was won by Scotland when they downed Russia 30 to 13. The French Gauloises took out the Women’s Bowl Final when they defeated the Welsh Wyverns 29 to 15.

The final standings for both draws as follows:

MEN’S Draw –

1. England Dragonslayers
2. Irish Warriors
3. German Eagles
4. French Coqs
5. Swedish Elks (Bowl)
6. Croatian Knights
7. Welsh Red Dragons
8. Netherlands Flying Dutchmen
9. Scottish Clansmen (Plate)
10. Russian Bears
11. Swiss Wolves
12. Czech Republic Dragons
13. Israeli Beasts
14. Finland Icebreakers
15. Austrian Avalanche
16. Polish Devils

WOMEN’S Draw –

1. Irish Banshees
2. England Vixens
3. German Eagles
4. Swedish Ravens
5. France Gauloises (Bowl)
6. Wales Wyverns
7. Swiss Heidi’s
8. Croatian Queens

For all match results for both Men’s and Women’s draws, including round matches and finals, visit the AFL Europe Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/AFL.Europe.Ltd/

Tournament previews and a full review of the tournament will soon be available on the AFL Europe website at: https://afleurope.org/
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Dragonslayers and Banshees Take Euro Titles | 3 comments | Create New Account
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Dragonslayers and Banshees Take Euro Titles
Authored by: Cam Homes on Thursday, July 04 2019 @ 11:47 am ACST

G'day Wes
I don't know whether I'd say Finland is a developing nation, considering the league has been around since 2005 and the Icebreakers also played at IC08 and IC14 (with two wins over India).

Finland is simliar to Austria and Czech Republic I think, these leagues tho' being small in number (but hugely dedicated in growing our great game across Europe) have all been around for a decade or more now. Great to see them back playing after missing a couple of years, however.

Also great to have Poland and the Swiss ladies compete for the very first time.

I wonder if I would have got in trouble with the "social behaviour police" when barracking too loudly (in early hours of the morning) for a couple of the 'underdog' teams as I did the next morning by the other inhabitant of my house (wife) :-) but I must say I did really enjoy watching the live stream from Norraltje.

I think it was inevitable that the powerhouses (Ireland & England) would play out the grand finals, (with Denmark absent) but I was impressed with the form of the Lady Eagles taking out 3rd place at only their second showing at the Euro Cup. Lost semifinal against the Vixens by only 5 Points (24 - 19) in a game they were right "in it" til' the last minute of the match. They rose from provisionally 9th to fully ranked 3rd on my Euro Cup 9's ranking scheme.

I believe the Vikings have been saving the "readies" so they can play at the European Championships in October, hopefully preparing to again travel downunder for IC2020.

Well done! AFL Europe and hosts AFL Sweden for a well run competition and also well played all the teams that participated.
Would have liked to have heard (or seen) the results of the un-televised matches announced as they came to hand through the day.
My only (teeny weeny) criticism.

Dragonslayers and Banshees Take Euro Titles
Authored by: Wesley Hull on Thursday, July 04 2019 @ 01:56 pm ACST

Hi Cam, fair comment re Finland but I think the more correct term is "re-developing" having had national competition drop away significantly a few years back until the Heatseekers were close to being the only viable club. But credit to those running the game to get competition back, promote development of the teams in Turku and Vaasa and at the same time feed the Icebreakers. They have worked to promote 'friendlies' against St Petersburg and have worked hard to be back at Euro for first time since 2013 I think. But agree, they really aren't on of the developing nations. Also think it was great to see Switzerland and Poland, but most impressed with Russia's performance - great work having been done in St Petersburg and Moscow in the past few years.

Dragonslayers and Banshees Take Euro Titles
Authored by: Harley Vague on Sunday, July 07 2019 @ 01:01 pm ACST

Organic development is mis-understood to some degree. Many people asume linear development to be the norm whereas in reality it is a series of quantum leaps based upon critical mass. That is why 9-a-side football is popular overseas with 18-a-side reserved for representitive football.

Overseas development is the direct opposite to that of Australia. An overseas country starts with a national side, then a national league and then develops into city leagues. The development of a country is not neccessarily shown as the strength of the national side but the depth of the competition.

When numbers are small then any changes in numbers will have a dramatic effect. Australian football overseas is getting progressively less affected by the movements of expats.

It's unfortunate that Australian Football has been able to maintain all the good starts but overall it's a very plaeasin scenario for "organic growth". The Euro Cup is showing the way to showcase and promote growth. AFL Asia has been another surprising development. Looking towards 2020 International Cup we have to look at maximise the effect of this event. Having the greatest participation would go a long way but I can think of many angles in this respect.