"Kick it to Snake in the pocket!"

Sunday, March 17 2019 @ 09:57 am ACDT

Contributed by: Wesley Hull

The title of this story is actually very close to the real title of a book "Long Bombs To Snake", which was a collection of sport stories from The Footy Almanac. Funny how the title very nearly came to life in Adelaide yesterday when a venomous Brown Snake entered the field during a pre-season trial match between North Adelaide and South Adelaide.

The irony here is that last season North Adelaide was involved in a high profile "19th" player on field incident during the SANFL finals. There is NO suggestion that the snake involved was aligned to either club.

Whilst there are some saying that this kind of thing could only happen in Australia, the truth is that a cursory search on YouTube for snakes entering playing fields during games happens all over the world.

We just have the most poisonous ones..

...and the most talented..!!

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