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Tuesday, May 21 2019 @ 08:08 am ACST

"Holding the Ball" a new footy anthem?


And now for something completely different....Footy has long inspired song writers to try and capture the games essence and put it to words accompanied by an appropriate tune.  None bigger than the likes of Up There Cazaly and One Day in September. 

Adam Western contacted us this week to share his take on the footy anthem.  His song had it's humble beginnings "in the garage of the drummers house(as all good songs do)."

"We had been at the local football in Albany that day (coastal town on the south coast of Western Australia) and the umpires had been particularly disappointing ,we were jamming away making up lyrics about the game and came up with the song Holding The ball".

"We think it has a chance of becoming the seminal anthem for our game , as the term "holding the Ball" or just simply "ball" is surely the most commonly used term a spectator uses whilst watching our great game.Think about it when you watch the game, It really is the catch cry of the game" Western told us.

Rumour has it that the West Coast Eagles Josh Kennedy and Jarrod Schofield are listed among high profile fans of the song.

Probably best to let our readers become listeners and decide for themselves, whether this Aussie pub rock sounding tune can become an anthem for our footy followers around the world?


You can also listen on Spotify at the following link - https://open.spotify.com/album/2H9hjdXfmuWKZIsZ8fxhCo  

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