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Thursday, July 18 2019 @ 07:56 am ACST

Irish Warriors Bring Down USA Revolution

In a big international match held in Dublin on the weekend, the Irish Warriors hosted the visiting USA Revolution team. The national team from the USA is in Ireland for some match practice against one of the world’s best teams outside of Australia and play in friendlies against both the Irish Warriors and on Tuesday the Belfast Redbacks. The tour sees a strong USA contingent of 40 players and support staff.

The tour is historic on many fronts, but it is the first time that Ireland has played the USA on home soil. It is also the first time the two nation have played each other in the northern hemisphere.

In the opening match, the Warriors were far too experienced for the Revolution. The Warriors jumped early and could not be caught, running away to win by 76 points. The final score in the match saw the Irish Warriors 14 13 97 defeat the USA Revolution 2 9 21.

The “Revos” get another chance to meet the Warriors when they clash in the second international on 4th August.

In between, the Revolution will travel to Belfast to take on the Redbacks. It promises to be another tough test for the visitors with the Redbacks in red-hot form, having just gone through the AFL Europe home and away season undefeated and itching for a chance to flex their muscle prior to finals.

The tour offers the USA Revolution national team the chance to gain some experience against international teams – something that is difficult to replicate back home in the USA. By travelling, they are able to play games at a higher level and prepare the squad for any other international fixtures – most particularly to raise the bar for the 2020 International Cup in Melbourne.

It is also an important hit out for the Warriors ahead of this year’s Euro Cup in Cork. Their coach, Brian Currane, gets to have a good look at his players ahead of the event to ensure the bet Irish Warriors team takes the field.

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Irish Warriors Bring Down USA Revolution | 2 comments | Create New Account
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Irish Warriors Bring Down USA Revolution
Authored by: spike23 on Tuesday, July 31 2018 @ 09:55 am ACST

They actually played each other in 2001 in London at the Atlantic Alliance Cup! But first time on Irish soil

Irish Warriors Bring Down USA Revolution
Authored by: Cam Homes on Tuesday, July 31 2018 @ 01:08 pm ACST

You're right, Spike23. On 7th October 2001 Ireland 9.9 (63) d. USA 4.5 (29) to be exact. I believe the matches back then in the AA Cup were played at 14-a-side.

Wes or Spike can either of you confirm that these Revolution v Warriors matches are being played at least at 16-a-side and all players are nationals? If they are eligible matches I will be adding them to World Footy News World Rankings.

Unfortunately, unless the Yanks can notch up a surprise win no change in rank or rating points will occur as being home games for Ireland the Rating Gap exceeds 10.00 points.
No advantage gained or lost if rating gap exceeds 10.00 rating points.

Ireland 56.64 + 3.00 Home advantage = 59.64 Rating Points
United States 49.34 Rating Points.
Rating Gap +10.30 or -10.30

Valuable player experience gained even if no change in World rankings tho. And it is great to see some International Test matches being played outside the International Cup. Can only auger well for growth and development of International Footy.