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Thursday, February 21 2019 @ 10:02 am ACDT

England 2018 Euro Cup Squads Announced


The England squads for the upcoming Euro Cup in Cork, Ireland, have been announce. The following article from the www.aflengland.org website lists the players elected. The original article can be found at: http://www.aflengland.org/england-2018-euro-cup-squads-announced/ .

Both the England Dragonslayers and Vixens have named their squads for October’s 2018 Euro Cup in Cork. Following an intensive selection, both sides will be looking to retain the titles they won last year in Bordeaux, and have named squads bursting with talent ahead of the tournament later this year.

England Dragonslayers captain Matt Whiteley says that there are “match winners in every position” in the squad. “After coming through two selection events the squad is made up of a good blend of experience and newcomers,” he continued. “Every player has a massive part to play in the retention of the Euro Cup.”

 Dragonslayers Euro Cup 2018 Squad

Matt Whiteley – Huddersfield Rams

Mark Ireland – Nottingham Scorpions

Cam Cope – Wolverhampton Wolverines

Ross Denton – North London Lions

Ash Swift – Nottingham Scorpions

Lewis Ozanne – Huddersfield Rams

Rob Goliath – Nottingham Scorpions

George Dibble – Wolverhampton Wolverines

James Clayton – Huddersfield Rams

Paul Watson – Nottingham Scorpions

Sam Killoway – North London Lions

Adam Morris – Wolverhampton Wolverines

Roy Brannigan – Tyne Tees Tigers

Andy Walkden – Manchester Mosquitoes

Michael Sharpe – North London Lions


Rhys Lincoln – Wolverhampton Wolverines, Ross Stanton – Tyne Tees Tigers, Martin Kearney – Nottingham Scorpions


Michael Sharp, Adam Morris, Paul Watson and Ross Stanton are all in line to make their Dragonslayer debuts


The England Vixens side is an exciting mix of experienced campaigners and young guns, named afer a successful trial day last month. Players have been named from club and university sides up and down the country. There are also players plying their trade further afield in Germany and Australia.


Vixens Euro Cup 2018 Squad

Alannah Blount – Nottingham Scorpions

Alex Saulter – Nottingham Scorpions/Melbourne University

Charlie Eales – Wimbledon Hawks

Chloe Hall – Free Agent

Danni Saulter – Nottingham Scorpions

Jayne Meadows – Wandsworth Demons

Kayleigh Aylmer – Nottingham Scorpions

Laura Misfaud – North London Lions,

Laura Turner-Ramadan – Nottingham Scorpions/North London Lions

Lisa Wilson – Hamburg Dockers

Louise Darby – Wandsworth Demons

Phoebe Meyrick – University of Birmingham

Phoebe Nicholls – Nottingham Scorpions

Rachel Mason – University of Birmingham

Rania Turner-Ramadan – Nottingham Scorpions/North London Lions

Rea Bartlett – University of Birmingham

Vicky Jones – Nottingham Scorpions/North London Lions



Freya Blount – Wimbledon Hawks, Zoe Rowe – Wandsworth Demons


Phoebe Meyrick, Phoebe Nicholls, Jayne Meadows, Kayleigh Almer, Rachel Mason, Vicky Jones, Rea Bartlett and Laura Misfaud are all in line to make their Vixens debuts


About the Euro Cup

First held in 2005, the Euro Cup is Europe’s premier 9-a-side Australian Rules football competition. The England Dragonslayers are four-time champions (2008, 2009, 2013 & 2018). The England Vixens are three-time champions (2013, 2015 & 2017).


The 2018 Euro Cup will be held in Cork, Ireland. The 2019 Euro Cup will be held in Norrtalje, Sweden.


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