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Monday, July 06 2020 @ 06:40 am ACST

Lions hang onto win in the wet


The Brisbane Lions won by 7 points over the Fremantle Dockers in a game of good old fashion wet weather football at the South Pine Sports Complex in Brisbane. This match was a real arm wrestle in trying conditions for both teams who played with high intensity and fierceness.
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There was one stoppage after another, which made the opening term a real stoppage fest and this is expected when the conditions are wet. It was a very physical brand of football to begin.

There was a lot of sliding and high intensity tackles from players in the first quarter. The Dockers had all of the play in the forward half of the ground to begin the match, but they were unable to capitalize on the scoreboard with a goal. Wet ball a little bit too heavy and players miskicking, as they were misjudging the feel of the football. The Dockers finally scored the first point of the match with 9 and a half minutes left in the first term.

There was one ball up after another. This game will be a game of inches today, as there were heaps of ball ups, contested footy and a lot of contests around the game. There were bodies flying everywhere due to the high intensity tackling pressure from both teams. The Dockers led the inside 50s count, 9 inside 50s to the Lions 1. Dockers were all over the Lions with their fierce tackling pressure, but due to the wet weather conditions they were unable to score a goal and get reward for their effort on the scoreboard.

There was a big hit on Kate McCarthy from Kate Donnellan and McCarthy was winded and was slow to get to her feet. Dockers led by a point at quarter time.

The second term continued to be high intensity pressured game of football and the players from both teams put their bodies on the line in tough conditions of football. It remained to be a high physical brand of football with desperation and fierceness shown by both teams. Sabrina Frederick Traub was involved in a great team goal, because she soccer kicked the football forward into space and her teammate Jess Wuetschner nailed the goal on her left foot off the ground and scored the first goal of the match. Ashley Sharp kicked the football forward to Amy Lavell who took a great strong mark and she kicked it to Emily McGuire the rising star nominee who marked strongly but she was unable to slot truly for a goal. The second quarter went up a notch in intensity and it was great to see both teams having a good hard crack in the tough wet conditions. Late in the second term, Stacey Barr copped a heavy knock and she had the concussion test and was cleared. This just shows the physicality that both teams were playing with in this match. The Lions had a narrow lead of 5 points at the main break over the Dockers.

This game continued to be a real hard slog for both teams in the third term. The Lions Brittany Gibson slotted through the goal nicely from the ball up from about 45m out. There was a momentum shift to the Lions in the third quarter with all of the play and they dominated the disposal count. Unfortunately the Lions could not capitalize with their disposal. Players from both teams were all over the place in this game of fantastic wet weather football. Jamie Stanton looked like she had hyper extended her knee as she hobbled to the bench in the hands of trainers. Late in the third quarter, Hooker picked up the football cleanly and kicked the football forward to Stacey Barr who strongly marked the ball inside 50 and she converted the goal nicely. This game turned out to be a good old game of wet weather football with only 5 points separating both teams at three quarter time.

Great sign for Stanton and the Lions, as she started on the ground in the fourth stanza after she looked like she had injured her knee badly. Wuetschner was pretty happy with herself as she booted through an easy goal after the football fell to the back of the pack. Lions with all of the attacking play in the final quarter with 6 inside 50s to the Dockers 0. The Dockers are unable to get the football out of their defensive 50, as the pressure from the Lions is second to none. Wuetschner gave away a free kick after she tripped the Dockers player Ashley Sharp and Sharp reversed the free kick, because she pushed Wuetschner to the ground in a brain fade. The Dockers Ashlee Atkins slotted through a much needed goal from a quick snap kick around her body. A goal in it with 2 and half minutes left in the match to be played and still both teams making it hard for their opposition to break away with clear possession of the football.

The Lions were victors by 7 points over a gallant Dockers outfit in trying conditions for both teams. This was a great old fashion game of football. Wuetschner played an exceptional game with 18 disposals and she was the difference in the end up forward for the Lions, as she scored 2 goals. 

BRISBANE    0.0   1.1   2.2   3.4 (22)
 0.1   0.2   1.3   2.3 (15)

Brisbane Lions: Wuetschner 2, Gibson
Fremantle: Barr, Atkins 

Brisbane Lions: Lutkins, Wuetschner, Stanton, Anderson, Exon
Fremantle: Filocamo, Donnellan, O'Sullivan, Antonio, Atkins 

Brisbane Lions: Shannon Campbell (illness) replaced in selected side by Emma Pittman
Fremantle: Nil 

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Mirabile, Rowe, Howorth

Official crowd: 1500 (estimated) at South Pine Sports Complex (Brendale)

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