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Thursday, July 02 2020 @ 07:35 pm ACST

Lions record gutsy win on the road against the Blues


The Brisbane Lions pulled off another gutsy win on the road in front of 6,200 football fans against Carlton at Ikon Park by 22 points. At the start this match was a real hard defensive struggle and this explained the very low scoring in the first half of the match, but the game opened up a bit more in the second half with the Lions able to get on the scoreboard with five goals to the Blues two goals. The Blues first goal of the match came with less than four minutes left in the third term.

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The opening term between Carlton and the Brisbane Lions was a tough, hard and defensive struggle for both teams. In the first quarter there were heaps of one on one contests everywhere on the ground. Neither of the teams were able to score a goal, despite the Lions who had 12 inside 50s to the Blues 5 inside 50s. The Blues were under immense pressure all over the ground, but their defense held up well as the football came inside their defensive 50. The Lions were only able to score a solitary behind in the first quarter.

The second quarter continued to be a real defensive struggle with high intensity like in the first quarter and again scoring was rare. The second term was a game of inches with neither team able to capitalize on their limited opportunities in their forward 50s. Kaitlyn Ashmore scored the Lions first goal after she marked the football from Jess Wuetschner who kicked it to her. Ashmore slotted through the opening goal of the match from 25m directly in front from a set shot at goal. The first half was intense from both teams.

At the start of the third term the Lions were on top in the contest and the Blues were not able to get the football into open space. The Blues were under immense pressure in the third quarter, as the Lions were on top with all of the attacking play. Wuetschner booted through the Lions first goal of the third quarter after she was given a free kick from a deliberate out of bounds. Wuetschner snapped the goal on a tight angle from the boundary.

Former Lion and now Blue Tayla Harris gave away a 50m penalty to her old Lions teammate and the Lions were able to kick the football forward towards their forward Brittany Gibson. Carlton gave away the free and Gibson was rewarded the free and slotted through the goal for the Lions. Blues unable to get the ball out of the Lions forward half of the ground. The Lions all over the Blues but their kicking inside 50 is letting them down. Nicola Stevens held up the Blues defense well.

The Blues were unable to score a goal as the Lions had the numbers in defense each of the limited times they kicked the ball forward. Also the disposal efficiency of the Blues let them down. Maddi Gay kicked Carlton’s first goal of the match with less than four minutes left in the third quarter. The Blues lifted their intensity at their home ground with 2 and half minutes left in the third quarter. In this quarter the Lions outscored the Blues two goals to one. At three quarter time the Blues were down by 11 points over the Lions.

In the fourth term the Blues scored the first goal after Sarah Hosking drilled the kick forward to Darcy Vescio who marked the football strongly in the forward 50 for the Blues. Vescio slotted through her first goal of the match and made it was a one-goal ball game at Ikon Park early in the final stanza. Sophie Conway quickly responded with a goal after the Blues were penalized with a 50m penalty. Nat Exon the former Blue boots through the goal and she was so delighted with herself to kick her first AFLW goal against her old side. The Blues gave away another 50m penalty and Shannon Campbell from right on 50 kicked the football forward and the football fell to the ground. As a result, Conway was able to get on the end of another goal and she kicked her second goal of the match. The Blues late in the final quarter had a few shots at goal but unfortunately they could not trouble the scorers with a major. In the last term the Lions were able to score three goals to the Blues one goal in an exceptional quarter for them.

The Lions won the match by 22 points with an impressive performance over the Blues tonight at the home of the Blues and they showed the rest of the competition that they will be hard to beat. Now both the Blues and Lions have two wins each heading into round 4 of the AFLW.

CARLTON                  0.0     0.2     1.3     2.6 (18)
BRISBANE                 0.1     1.2     3.2     6.4 (40)            
Carlton: Gay, Vescio
Brisbane: Conway 2, Ashmore, Wuetschner, Gibson, Exon 
Carlton:  Moody, Gay, Harrington, J.Hosking, Loynes, Audley
Brisbane: McCarthy, Wuetschner, Frederick-Traub, Stanton, Exon, Conway 
Carlton:  Gee (concussion), Brazzale (shoulder)
Brisbane: Hildebrand (corked thigh)
Reports: Nil
Umpires:  Rowe, Dore, McGinness
Official crowd: 6,200

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