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Friday, February 28 2020 @ 09:36 pm ACDT

USAFL change at the top and parting ways with Tampa

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In a big few weeks for the USAFL currently in the offseason, there has been change at the top and parting of ways between tje league and the Tampa Bay ARFC.

Steve Grandfield who was elected USAFL President just this past October has resigned the position "due to professional opportunities outside of football".  Following a highly successful National Championships in San Diego and riding a wave of optimism, the league is looking for some stability at the top after previous president Denis Ryan resigned for personal reasons and the position then being filled leading to this year's election by VP East, Mike Sheppard.

Per the USAFL constitution, if the President role is vacated, the longest serving Vice President fills the role until the next AGM. Sebestian Aguiari who has been the Vice President of the West Region since 2015 with the agreement of the USAFL board will now serve as USAFL President until the next AGM in October.
The USAFL also released the following statement on the group calling themselves Major League Footy based around the Tampa Bay ARFC/ St Petersburg Swans "We are aware of some social media activity regarding Major League Footy (MLF) recently and we want to make sure it is very clear that the USAFL is in no way affiliated with MLF or any of its operations. MLF is a For-Profit organization and its business model is in conflict with the USAFL's Non-Profit status. Subsequently, be advised that the Tampa Bay ARFC / St Petersburg Swans are no longer a USAFL member club."

The MLF has heavy involvement from AFI the organisation run by Brian Clarke (CEO) and readers will also recognise another familiar name in Miro Gladovic from the "American Footy Star" concept who is the "Director of Pro Player Development".  

In response MLF released their own statement on their website, to quote the statement in part "Major League Footy is independent of the USAFL, which is the currently-recognized sanctioning body of the sport in the United States.

The business model of Major League Footy differs from the USAFL’s non-profit model, as it is based on the long-standing norms for American professional and semi-professional sports.

That business model is fused with an intent to focus only on the format of game-play best suited for American playing facilities, player availability, travel and the like – and is the model the St. Petersburg / Tampa Bay club has operated under since 2014.

As MLF continues gameplay in its second season this weekend, we remain steadfast in our hope that the American landscape of the greatest team sport in the world will see room for new approaches and efforts to always cooperatively grow our game. Together."

The full MLF statement can read here.

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