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Wednesday, January 29 2020 @ 08:48 am ACDT

Australia take 10 point lead into 2nd IRS Test

International Rules

In hot and mostly overcast conditons at Adelaide Oval the Australians scored 2 goals, 13 overs and 12 points (63 ) to Ireland's 1 goal, 13 overs and 8 points (53) to take a 10 point lead into next week's second test at Subiaco Oval.

The Irish lead at quarter time but the Australians worked back to a one point lead at half time. The Australians then dominated the second half of the match despite the constant scoring efforts from the likes of Murphy and McManus for Ireland.

Scott Pendlebury looks to have suffered a possible broken hand and may miss for the Australians in Perth.

A full match report from Frederick Shaibani to follow.

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