WFN Women's World Rankings Post Round 3 of IC17

Sunday, August 13 2017 @ 11:05 pm ACST

Contributed by: Cam Homes

Fiji Vonu and Papua New Guinea Flames both played their 8th Qualifying matches in Round Three on Sunday 13th August, becoming Fully Ranked in 7th and 8th place respectively. All four matches played resulted as was expected and as the ranking scheme predicted and consequently there were no changes in rank.

WFN World Rankings (Women) as at 14th August 2017.

1.     Australia

2.     Canada                       54.84   2          17

3.     Great Britain             46.79   3          10

4.     Ireland                       46.67   4          20

5.     United States             44.81   5          17

6.     Canada “B”               42.60   6          8

7.     Fiji                              42.54   Prov    8

8.     Papua New Guinea   37.48   Prov    8

Provisional Nations

P1. European Crusaders            33.45   7

P2  Tonga                                     32.50   5

P3 United States “B”                  31.93   5

P4 Pakistan                                  34.79   4


Dormant Nation

AIM                                  33.29   4


The European Crusaders are the newest nation to become Fully Ranked when they play their Eighth Qualifying match against Fiji (ω) in Semi-Final 3 on Tuesday. The Crusaders will join the Ranks in 9th place if Vonu win as the Ranking scheme predicts (the higher ranked team will win more often than not). However, if the Crusaders can buck the odds they will enter the ranks in 8th place above Papua New Guinea Flames.


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