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WFN Women's World Rankings Post Round 3 of IC17

International Cup 2017

Fiji Vonu and Papua New Guinea Flames both played their 8th Qualifying matches in Round Three on Sunday 13th August, becoming Fully Ranked in 7th and 8th place respectively. All four matches played resulted as was expected and as the ranking scheme predicted and consequently there were no changes in rank.

WFN World Rankings (Women) as at 14th August 2017.

1.     Australia

2.     Canada                       54.84   2          17

3.     Great Britain             46.79   3          10

4.     Ireland                       46.67   4          20

5.     United States             44.81   5          17

6.     Canada “B”               42.60   6          8

7.     Fiji                              42.54   Prov    8

8.     Papua New Guinea   37.48   Prov    8

Provisional Nations

P1. European Crusaders            33.45   7

P2  Tonga                                     32.50   5

P3 United States “B”                  31.93   5

P4 Pakistan                                  34.79   4


Dormant Nation

AIM                                  33.29   4


The European Crusaders are the newest nation to become Fully Ranked when they play their Eighth Qualifying match against Fiji (ω) in Semi-Final 3 on Tuesday. The Crusaders will join the Ranks in 9th place if Vonu win as the Ranking scheme predicts (the higher ranked team will win more often than not). However, if the Crusaders can buck the odds they will enter the ranks in 8th place above Papua New Guinea Flames.


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WFN Women's World Rankings Post Round 3 of IC17 | 8 comments | Create New Account
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WFN Women's World Rankings (Women) Post Round 3 of IC17
Authored by: Mister Football on Monday, August 14 2017 @ 01:54 pm ACST

I wonder if the AIM team should even be referenced in such a list.

Mister Football

WFN Women's World Rankings (Women) Post Round 3 of IC17
Authored by: WFN Administrator on Monday, August 14 2017 @ 02:12 pm ACST

I have left it up to Cam for now, but have suggested that we probably do not need to include the 'B' teams of nations, Liberty or Midnight Suns when publishing the current rankings list and the AIM would fit under that - but given the small results set am happy for them to be in there for the purposes of creating the rankings.

WFN Women's World Rankings (Women) Post Round 3 of IC17
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Monday, August 14 2017 @ 02:15 pm ACST

I guess if the 'B' teams are competing in the rankable tournament - then if they count as a rank worthy opponent they arguably warrant being ranked too.

WFN Women's World Rankings (Women) Post Round 3 of IC17
Authored by: Cam Homes on Monday, August 14 2017 @ 03:11 pm ACST

AIM team did compete in IC11 and played against all contestants. If they don't compete again then they will eventually drop out of the Ranks.
As for the "B" teams they also competed in IC14 against ranked opponents so as Brett says there more games are being played which can only be good thing.

Also I think it would be preferable to leave them in at this stage of international development (even if youth teams) and hopefully they will be more suitable opponents for emerging nations (eg. Pakistan ) etc.

If they do only play very infrequently it should not be a problem or if not play again they will also drop out of the Ranks.
I'm quite comfortable having them in at this stage as well as having the combined teams eg. Crusaders, Indo China and Asian Lions becoming fully ranked if they play enough qualifying games.

Eventually we are all hoping that they will actually fade out down the track when the individual nations can raise a true national team aren't we.
Also be giving all these teams "national" status for now is encouraging more countries/players to compete at an elite standard.

The Rugby WR scheme that we "copied/adapted/mangled has a provision for Countries to combine or divide (eg Czech Republic/Slovkia etc.) So why can't ours????

WFN Women's World Rankings (Women) Post Round 3 of IC17
Authored by: Brett Northey on Monday, August 14 2017 @ 02:31 pm ACST

Yes I struggle with whether to include AIM or the B teams. Yes having them adds more games for other nations to qualify, but if the B teams only play occasionally and have inconsistent quality (sometimes they may focus on youth, sometimes the best available) then it is all questionable.

When we set up the Men's World Rankings we were very careful to establish criteria and we had a long history of games to examine and have nations qualify. The Women's World Rankings emerged very differently because there were very few nations competing and very few historical games to allow qualification.

You'll note that we have an official page for the Men's whereas we do not for the Women. This is no slight against the Women, it is because of what I just said, that there are far fewer matches and nations qualified yet so we have yet to formatlise the system. The WFN editors and writers and indeed our readers and the international footy community have never discussed and debated this issue. It is overdue.

The idea was really to do that then start publishing a formal Women's rankings page. I'm also more a fan of updating the Men's ranks at the end of the tournament, not a live ladder as such.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN

WFN Women's World Rankings (Women) Post Round 3 of IC17
Authored by: Aaron Richard on Monday, August 14 2017 @ 04:13 pm ACST

I'd argue the national rankings should be just that - rankings by nation. So I'd prefer we leave off the Women's B teams and the AIM etc.

Regards the men's - one of the problems with the Asia Lions being included is that everyone in that squad actually normally plays for another ranked team (Japan, Indonesia and Indochina at the least), it was made up of guys from all over the place as a once-off for China to have opposition before the Port game. A number of them are playing for Japan at this IC, some other with Indonesia and the rest are essentially within the Indochina squad from the locals in Cambodia, Laos etc. So everyone from the Asia Lions is already represented by one of those three ranked teams.

Indochina is legitimate in the rankings for the moment in the same manner that e.g. the West Indies is a legitimate international cricket side, at least until the individual countries are able to field full sides. I suppose the Crusaders maybe are a similar case in the women's.

WFN Women's World Rankings (Women) Post Round 3 of IC17
Authored by: Cam Homes on Monday, August 14 2017 @ 07:47 pm ACST

If the Asian Lions are a once-off then they will eventually disappear from the Ranks and their actual effect on the ranks will fade into history just like that of other nations that have dropped out of the ranks, eg. Spain, Samoa. and probably Timor Leste and Iceland will do if they don't get back into playing international tests/matches.

WFN Women's World Rankings (Women) Post Round 3 of IC17
Authored by: Brett Northey on Tuesday, August 15 2017 @ 12:22 pm ACST

I didn't notice Cam had slipped the Asian Lions in there. I think this needs greater discussion before we include it in our official rankings. It's basically an all-star Asian side yet comes in as though it is a new nation for the first time, starting on 40 pts. You could imagine in other circumstances it smashing a national side, that side therefore sliding down the ranks, then the all-star side never plays again. And if it's a somewhat random collection of players then there's no consistency of performance. Next time it might include Chinese players and be playing against Japan, rather than against China. I think there are enough nations playing and well established that we don't need to include these hybrids; let's not rush or compromise things just because we're keen to fast track the future and see more nations fully ranked.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN