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Women's WFN World Rankings - Post Round Two IC17

International Cup 2017


WFN World Rankings (Women) Post Round Two IC17

 Great Britain Swans have consolidated their 3rd Rank position and United States Freedom have crept a little closer to Ireland in the second round of IC17. There were no actual changes in Rank as a consequence of Round Two Matches.

                  WFN World Rankings (Women) at 10th August 2017.

1.    Australia                                   1

2.    Canada                 53.38           2        16

3.    Great Britain        48.26           3        9

4.    Ireland                  46.67           4        19

5.    United States        44.81           5        16

6.    Canada “B”          42.60           6        8


Provisional Nations

P1. Fiji                            39.54           P1      7

P2. PNG                          35.78           P2      7

P3. Europe Crusaders   33.45           P3      6

P4. Tonga                       32.50           P4      5

P5. United States “B”    31.93           P5      5

P6. Pakistan                   37.93           P6      2


Dormant Nation

AIM            33.29           4


Note: Round Three of IC17 will see two more nations become Fully Ranked in WFN World Rankings, both Fiji and Papua New Guinea play their 8th Qualifying match on Saturday 12th August. If both matches go the way, the ranking scheme predicts, they will become the Seventh and Eighth Fully Ranked nationsand hold those Ranks respectively.

Further note that European Crusaders will also join the fully ranked when they play in Round 4.


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