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Northern Lights shade Shaheens

International Cup 2017

 Northern Lights Amass a Monster Score over Gallant Shaheens

Current International Cup champion Canada predictably outclassed international footy newcomer Pakistan amassing a final score of 28 goals 18 behinds 186 points whilst the Shaheens were unable to worry the scoreboard operators.

Although one might think that the losing side would be devastated and demoralised by such a defeat this was not so as the Pakistan team could still smile at the conclusion of the match.

 The team that had been training for only 4-5 months accepted that their inexperience and newly acquired footy “skills” were no match against the “World Champs” they could not hide their satisfaction when a kick was taken or a handball reached its intended target.

The girl’s dedication and passion shone out when one lass who had wacked her head really hard on the cricket pitch was taken off ‘injured’ was later desperate to get back on the field was heard to plead “I have to get back, they need me”.

The Shaheens will take much from the matches during this International Cup, despite the shellacking’s to date, we all hope that that at least they don’t go home scoreless. Welcome to the international footy community, “GO YOU Shaheens”


St Francis Xavier (Officer) 10:45am Canada vs Pakistan
  1/4 1/2 3/4 Final
 Canada  7.6  16.8  20.12  28.18 (186)
 Pakistan  0.0  0.0  0.0  0.0 (0)

Canada Best; J Halliday, N Robertson, D Arnold, B Corrigan, A Robertson

Goals: D Arnold 5, A Robertson 3, B Corrigan, J Halliday, C Beaudin, L Gurber, J Aulakh, E Regan, C Leduc 2, N Robertson, R Tong, C Kwan, T Rolfe, A Irwin, R Gomez 1.

Pakistan Best: K Ali, S Bano, A Habib, A Amir, M Ahmad.

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