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IC17 Preview: Fiji Vonu

  • Saturday, August 05 2017 @ 10:27 am ACST
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International Cup 2017

The Fiji Vonu have the potential to go to the final dance in this years Womens division. The Vonu have been training and preparing for IC17 since the completion of IC14. After a disappointing IC14, the Vonu are out to prove that Fiji here to compete and win the division.

A vast number of players are returning to their second International Cup and therefore will have the experience to lead the team to the final. Ilisapeci Vateitei takes the Captaincy this year after a strong showing of leadership and development over the last three years. Ilisapeci is also the sister of Fiji Tribe superstar Jiuta Vateitei.



Salote Matakibau returns after her stellar performance in IC14 where she was the only representative in the World Team 2015.  She will be a key figure in the mid-field and her skills and attack will need to be on show if the Vonu are to make it.  The Vonu have been put through the roughs with their strong fitness focused regime with the aim to run teams off the ground. 
Look to the Vonu to push and provide strong competition to Canada in their first game this Sunday. With a strong showing against the Canadians, it will set up a great start for the Vonu. Canada proved to strong in their last meeting at IC14, with skills and experience proving the difference.  Great Britain and Pakistan are very winnable games for the Vonu however, their defence and discipline will need to be at its best to ensure they finish high. 
Players to Watch
Salote Matakibau
Featured heavily in the lead up to IC17 after an impressive debut in IC14, her leadership and skills will lead the attack and run for the Vonu.  Playing off the back line in IC14 which saw her claim a position in the World Team, she has made the transition into the mid-field to ensure first ball is won.  
Vani Serevi
The little pocket rocket up forward knows how to find her way to the goal. Making her return after a great debut in IC14, the forward pocket also has a big engine which could also see her move up the field.  With great hands and a powerful lead, the team will rely on her to get to the ground and pounce on any and every opportunity. 
Litia Matanisigadrau
Litia has proved to be a wonderful leader who can find her own ball, use it well and ensure people around her are better.  Given the role of Vice Captain, she has had a great three years since IC14. Her skills with the football is her best asset but also has the awareness and cool to hit up her forwards. She will need to play her best games, the Vonu win when she is having a blinder. Litia has pace and a good skill set.
Shelly Fong

Fittest in the squad, very solid and can rove the ball all over the field. Looks to lead the team with her hard hits and strong right foot.
Special mention - Halamehi Tuilomani who was the first Fijian women to play with a disability in any Fijian national sports Team. Another great rover with a big engine. Does not hold back and has a great skill set.
IC17 Expectation
The Fiji Vonu finished in fifth place at IC14, after a strong performance in the Powerade Cup in Fiji’s home and away season, they will do anything to ensure a strong showing against the Canadians, with very winnable games against Great Britain and Pakistan. A top 3 finish is on the cards however, the Vonu will be one of the best attacking sides at IC17. 



The Team


No Name DOB HT
Home club
1 Asena NIUMATAIWALU 24/04/1994 157 51 Lion Raiders
2 Matelita TUILEVUKA 4/08/1995 159 65 Lion Raiders
3 Roela RADINIYAVUNI 7/04/1990 162 63 Central Crows
4 Milika TOKAICAKE 1/03/1998 169 65 Lion Raiders
5 Taraivosa Halamehi TUILOMANI 23/03/1996 159 65 Central Crows
6 Atelini DROTINI 1/09/1994 156 64 Central Crows
7 Jenifer GOODSIR 12/05/1991 157 60 Lion Raiders
8 Iliseva RATUDINA 5/09/1988 172 65 Central Crows
9 Paulini KOROWAQA 10/03/1991 177 70 Central Crows
10 Vani SEREVI 4/08/1997 157 65 Lion Raiders
11 Taraivosa TAGIVETAUA 23/03/1996 168 68 Central Crows
12 Salote MATAKIBAU 2/04/1996 158 64 Lion Raiders
13 Lani WOLFGRAMM 11/08/2000 165 70 Ferntree Gully Eagles
14 Litia MATANISIGADRAU 8/07/1993 165 65 Lion Raiders
15 Vasemaca RADINIBUKELEVU 5/08/1995 167 64 Lion Raiders
16 Loata VAKAUSAUSA 25/08/1994 158 65 Lion Raiders
17 Siteri Matana TADRAU 17/12/1990 168 70 Central Crows
18 Sally FONG 2/02/1996 159 65 Central Crows
19 Ilisapeci Viwa VATEITEI 10/12/1991 157 77 Central Crows
20 Milika BALE 5/12/1992 169 67 Lion Raiders
21 Verenaisi CAGINAVANUA 26/05/1996 187 88 Lion Raiders
22 Makitalena LAWEBUKA 13/08/1997 178 65 Central Crows
23 Nesi BARINI 28/02/1992 159 79 Lion Raiders
24 Fuga TAOBA 30/04/1994 185 89 Lion Raiders
25 Sera KAUKIONO 24/08/1985 173 70 University of Sydney
26 Vitalina MIRINI 7/09/1997 185 95 Lion Raiders
27 Kalisi NAKARAWA 1/04/1986 174 98 Central Crows
28 Makereta TUNIDAU 20/04/1989 170 85 Lion Raiders