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Tuesday, June 25 2019 @ 04:48 am ACST

GB Bulldogs Announce Preliminary IC17 Squad

International Cup 2017


With less than a year to go until the next International Cup in Melbourne, nations are already making provisions to assemble lists and support personnel ready for the event. The GB Bulldogs provisional first list has just been released. Whilst predominantly made up of players in the AFL London and AFL Central & Northern England competitions, the list is also represented by players from Wales and Scotland.


Also featured are players now playing overseas in the Netherlands and Australia. Included in the list is Sam Willatt who will bring his experience to the squad after having been a part of the AFL’s Western Bulldogs/Footscray (VFL) powerhouse, with both winning flags.


The website states:

Coach Dean Gavin Thomas and the AFL Europe Champions Great Britain Australian Rules Football are proud to announce their preliminary 52 man squad for the AFL‘s AFL International Cup 2017 held in Melbourne in August 2017


GB Bulldogs Preliminary List

Thomas McBride – Glasgow Sharks Australian Rules Football Club

Neil Cooke – Amsterdam Devils

Owain Ryland – South Cardiff Panthers

Mark Ireland – Sheffield Thunder

Anthony Roy Brannigan – Tyne Tees Tigers

Luke Booth – Huddersfield Rams

Alex Overton – Huddersfield Rams

Josh Kenney – Huddersfield Rams

Chris Britton – Manchester Mosquitoes

Andrew Cochran – Manchester Mosquitos

Tim Gower – Manchester Mosquitos

Andy Walkden – Manchester Mosquitos

George Dibble – Wolverhampton Wolverines Australian Rules Football Club

Craig Degville – Wolverhampton Wolverines

Ian Mitchell – Wolverhampton Wolverines

Harry Duffield – Wolverhampton Wolverines

Lewis Gedney – Wolverhampton Wolverines

Cameron Cope – Wolverhampton Wolverines

Ross Denton – University of Birmingham/North London Lions

Jack Coughlan – University of Birmingham/North London Lions

Michael Sharp – University of Birmingham/North London Lions

Tomos Wyn-Jones – University of Birmingham/North London Lions

Olly Harvey – University of Birmingham

Samuel Walon – University of Birmingham

Ryan Daniel Cawley – University of Birmingham

James Talbot – North London Lions

Matt Warwick – West London Wildcats

Jack Wood – West London Wildcats

Alex Watson – The Wandsworth Demons

Charlie Steel – Wandsworth Demons

David Jordan – Wandsworth Demons

Andy Smith – Wandsworth Demons

Myles Hudson – Wimbledon Hawks

David Hastie – Wimbledon Hawks

Jason Edward Hill – Wimbledon Hawks

Marc Cashman – Wimbledon Hawks

Jordan Wynne – Wimbledon Hawks

Will Worthington – London Swans

Ryan Spivey – Sussex Swans Australian Rules Football Club

Sam Willatt – Footscray Bulldogs

Ross Ashman – Manly Warringah Giants

Ryan Floyd – Heidelberg West Football Club – Celebrating 80 Years

Olly Smith – University of Queensland Australian Football Club

Sam Pitman – East Malvern Football Club

Dominic Mitchell – Power House Amateur Football Club

Luke Matias – Caulfield Grammarians Football Club

James Anthony Trigg – Lara Sporting Club Football Section

Adam Ballard – Caulfield Bears

Adam Coxsell – Caulfield Bears

Sean Walton – Caulfield Bears

Luke Murchie – Caulfield Bears

Inti Aburto – Tasman Football Club


Support Staff

Guy Titman

Hilary Wilson

Millie Morgan

Charley Dakin

Simon Vardy


Congratulations to all involved and good luck to those selected for the final squad next August.


Original source – the AFL England website at: http://www.aflengland.org/ωp=1599



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GB Bulldogs Announce Preliminary IC17 Squad
Authored by: Brett Northey on Monday, October 31 2016 @ 11:36 pm ACDT

With the northern and central area providing so many national players now, and some Welsh and Scots, plus so many players spending time in Australia, it seems likely that the Bulldogs will field their best ever side at IC2017. I start to think they might push towards top 4.

But then I see that Ireland are still around their level or better and have many playing down under so they will be hard to dislodge. And the US is always very professional and have record numbers in Australia including some big blokes playing at a high level, so they will be better than ever.

Of course NZ have a lot of development going on as well, perhaps still a bit disappointing in terms of grassroots numbers playing week in and week out, but a strong elite level focus. And the PNG league should be stronger than ever.

Other than South Africa (not sure on their status), that leaves a very strong field at the top end. So what I'm really saying is it's looking like a great IC17 and harder to pick a winner than ever before. Did I miss any likely contenders?

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN