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Tuesday, May 22 2018 @ 07:47 am ACST

Revolution narrow IC17 squad and look to Europe

North America

The USA national side the Revolution have one of the most thorough selection processes of any nation ahead of the International cup. Over the past two years they have been assessing and trialling players from all over the USA. On Sunday the USAFL announced a narrowed squad of 66 players that will represent the USA.

This time around they have announced they will select 30 players from this squad in April next year to bring to the 2017 AFL International Cup in Melbourne. Those named on Sunday that do not make the trip to Melbourne, will be then representing the USA in 2018 on a playing trip to Europe (details yet to be announced).  It has been a very long time since the US national team has travelled to Europe (2001) after years of talk about it happening again it looks like it will get off the ground. 

The Revolution team will also take a team to Canada again in 2018.

 Among a number of players that represented the USA in Melbourne is 2014 are some notable inclusions. 

Alex Aurrichio who has spent the past two years as a ruckman with the Northern Blues in the VFL has been named in the squad and was back playing with the New York Magpies on the weekend.  Another big man in the squad for the first time is Nolan Cox.  Nolan is a key forward and a key member of the Austin Crows team that have just gone back to back USAFL National Championships.  He also happens to be the brother of Collingwood's Mason Cox.

Also named in the US squad for the first time is Michael 'Buddy' Spohn who is a multi-season senior ruckman with the Black Rock Football Club that play in the Southern Football League in Melbourne.  Spohn is originally from San Clemente, California.

The full squad named on the weekend below.

Player   Club
Ben Carpenter Austin Crows
Nolan Cox Austin Crows
 Joe Lopez Austin Crows
 Mike Lienhan Austin Crows
Daniel Brown Austin Crows
Jay Levesque Baltimore Washington Eagles
Keith Thornburg Baltimore Washington Eagles
Ryan Cartwright Baltimore Washington Eagles
Jeff Kramer Chicago Swans
Dan Hamilton Columbus Jackaroos
Mark McClure Columbus Jackaroos
Rob Adams Columbus Jackaroos
Clyde Simpson Columbus Jackaroos
Chet Reidnour Columbus Jackaroos
Jason Wilhelm Dallas Magpies
David Grzesiak Dallas Magpies
Mike Mayne Dallas Magpies
Jack O Dell Dallas Magpies
Patrick Pryor Dallas Magpies
Brian Rippeto Denver Bulldogs
Ryan Garthright Denver Bulldogs
Pete Taylor Denver Bulldogs
Adams Wufsus Denver Bulldogs
Ben Judge Des Moines Roosters
Hamilton May Des Moines Roosters
Thomas Hecker Fort Lauderdale Squids
Mike LeValley Fort Lauderdale Squids
Brian  Dragus Golden Gate Roos
Kyle  Johnson Golden Gate Roos
Tim Lindfelt Golden Gate Roos
Dan Livy  Golden Gate Roos
Zac Taylor Golden Gate Roos
Jake Aulner Golden Gate Roos
David  Franco Golden Gate Roos
Jim  Blocho Golden Gate Roos
Dave  Restrepo  Houston Lonestars
Bobby  Sears  Houston Lonestars
Jessie  Carcamo  Houston Lonestars
Chris Fielder Houston Lonestars
Matt Stevens Houston Lonestars
Shane Branscom Indianapolis Giants
Caleb Daughtery KC Power
Donald Lee LA Dragons
Gabriel Del Campo LA Dragons
Bill McGovern LA Dragons
Buddy Spohn Black Rock Football Club (SFL)
Brent Fisher Minnesota Freeze
Andrew Werner Minnesota Freeze
Stephen Fashant Minnesota Freeze
John Freeman Nashville Kangaroos
Tim Fulwider Nashville Kangaroos
Dan Lehane New York Magpies
Michael Murphy New York Magpies
Alex Aurrichio New York Magpies
Eric Hanson Nlorth Carolina
Nick Bowman Ohio Valley
Eric Floyd Ohio Valley
Tyler Mounce Orange County Bombers
Ryan McGettigan Philly Hawks
Jonathan Ginsberg Philly Hawks
Saleh Tybejee Sacramento Suns
Max Depina Seattle Grizzlies
Kyle Rasp Seattle Grizzlies
Dustin Jones  Tampa Bay
Andrew Rose Tulsa Buffaloes
Andrew Sneed Tulsa Buffaloes

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