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Central European Australian Football League – Round 2

Our intrepid writers in Austria - Michael Jud, Martin Schittegg and Oliver Krajacic from the Styrian DownUnderDogs - have provided this update from the CEAFL competition so far in 2016.

The 2nd round of the CEAFL 2016 was held in Dobl near Graz. After the 1st round in Zagreb, the ladder looks like this:

1. Giants 15 Points
2. Dockers 12 Points
3. Double Blues 10 Points
3. Hawks 10 Points
5. Dogs 08 Points
6. Eagles 06 Points
7. Bombers 04 Points

Originally planned with 8 full teams, the tournament was finally played with 5 teams, including the Styrian DownUnderDogs, Sesvete Double Blues and the VG Bombers with a full squad, the Zaprude Giants with 7 players and a mixed team with 4 players from the Prague Dragons, 3 from the Hawks and 2 from the Dockers.

Because of not having 9 players, the Giants started every game with a handicap of 18 points, in addition, all games from the Giants plus the Semi final from the Bombers (injuries) were played as 7aside games.

The group stage consisted of all the 5 teams – every team played against each other. Only the last two games were not played, where the mixed team resigned from their last game and the Double Blues and Dogs agreed on a draw.

The final series was played first between the Dogs and the Bombers as well as the Double Blues against the Giants. The Bombers had to start with a handicap because of too many injured players, which led to a big win for the Dogs. The second final between the Giants and the Double Blues showed an extremely thrilling game that was turned over by the Giants in the last two minutes.

The Grand Final between the Dogs and Giants was also played as a 7aside game. The Giants, despite starting with 18 points handicap, turned over again and were leading with 19:18 at halftime. Even though the Dogs showed courage and almost draw even in the middle of the second half, it was the lack of experience of the Dogs with playing finals that led to a 8 points win by the Giants.

Final ladder:

1. Giants 15 Points
2. Dogs 12 Points
3. Blues 10 Points
3. Bombers 10 Points
5. Dragons 08 Points

2016 CEAFL ladder after 2 of 3 rounds:

1. Giants 30 Points
2. Dogs 20 Points
3. Blues 20 Points
4. Bombers 14 Points
5. Dockers 12 Points
6. Hawks 10 Points
7. Dragons 08 Points
8. Eagles 06 Points

The 3rd and final round of the 2016 CEAFL will be played in Prague on the 10th of September and there are still 3 teams – Giants, Blues and Dogs – who could win the title.

Review of the teams:

Prague Dragons

The Dragons faced some late cancellations from various players, therefore only 4 guys made the long the trip down from Prague. Nevertheless, together with left players from non-playing Hawks and Dockers, the teamed up and showed great passion and enthusiasm. With a full squad that operates together at their home tournament, the Dragons will be another difficult opponent and definitely raise the value of the CEAFL.


Founded in early 2016, the Bombers already show great courage and massive improvement from game to game. In their second group game, they even had the chance to beat the way more experienced Giants but eventually failed to mark the final kick of the game only centimetres before the goal, losing only be 3 points. They also won their first CEAFL game this season and will try to continue their on-going development.

Double Blues

In their second year of existence, the Double Blues from Sesvete catch up more and more with the established clubs from Zagreb. After winning all their group games, the Blues were dominating the first half of their semi final against the Giants. In the second half, it seemed that their energy reserves were fading from minute to minute and after the Giants were leading 2 minutes before the final whistle, they were not able to revolt against the facing defeat anymore.


The 1st round of the CEAFL in Zagreb showed the first win of Dogs against a Croatian team since almost 5 years. With this success in their minds, they started their home tournament with another win and managed to beat all the other opponents in the group stage. Together with the win in Zagreb and the one against the Bombers in the semi final, the Giants in a thrilling final only stopped the Dogs’ unbroken run of 5 successive victories in the league.


Winning 2 out of 2 tournaments, the Giants emphasised their ambitions to win the CEAFL this year. If they combine their level of skills and experience again in Prague, it will be a tough challenge for the Blues and the Dogs to challenge their league title.

The Dogs want to thank all the teams for many entertaining games and all the friends involved before, while and after the tournament. The whole CEAFL is now looking forward to the 3rd and final round of the 2016 CEAFL on the 10th of September in Prague.

Ladder and results after Round 2 as follows:

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