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2016 AFL Boomerangs and World Team Squads Announced





The AFL is pleased to announce the 2016 Boomerangs and World Team squads to compete at the 2016 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships on the Gold Coast in July.



Selected by AFL Club recruiters following the 2016 AFL National Diversity Championships held in Townsville, the respective squads of 30 young men has been chosen based on school attendance, leadership skills, and football ability.


The AFL Flying Boomerangs program is a personal development and leadership program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young men aged 14-16 years old, supported by Rio Tinto. Meanwhile the World Team is made up of the best upcoming AFL multicultural players from across the nation.


The AFL Flying Boomerangs will be coached by Jermaine Davies (WA) with Shannon Motlop (NT), Peter Yagmoor (QLD), and Peter Mongta (VIC) named as assistants.


Australia Post will once again support the World Team who will be coached by David Rodan (VIC). Patrick Karnezis (VIC), Anda Tyalana (QLD), and Tony Olango (NT) will be assistant coaches.


AFL General Manager Game and Market Development, Simon Lethlean, said the AFL Flying Boomerangs and World Team programs are a great opportunity for the best rising Indigenous and Multicultural talent in the nation to develop on and off the field.


“The Boomerangs and World Team squads have been selected by AFL Club recruiters following their impressive performances at the 2016 AFL National Diversity Championships in Townsville last week.”


“Those selected will be exposed to the best training, coaching and mentoring, as well as personal development opportunities during the NAB AFL Under-16 Championships in July.


 “These are more than just programs, we are now preparing the next generation of young leaders and footballers with the skills, qualities, and experiences to become positive role models amongst their own families and within their broader communities.


“Over the past couple of years we have seen the Diversity Championships grow into a genuine elite talent pathway and we look forward to witnessing the next stage of development for these players, coaches, and umpires,” Mr Lethlean said.


2016 Boomerangs squad:

Treigh Stewart (NSW), Che Munro (NSW), Malcolm Rosas (NT), Kaiya Jones, (NT), Joel Jeffery, (NT), Kyle Gowley, (NT), Dillen Brown, (NT), Brandon Rusca, (NT), Robert Campbell, (NT), Philemon Baira, (QLD), Hammiso Tabaui, (QLD), Tyran Hill, (SA), Anzac Lochowiak, (SA), Kobe Brown, (VIC), Jai Taylor, (VIC), Todd Garner, (VIC), Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, (VIC), Leiwyn Jones, (VIC), Tyrone Thorne, (WA), Robbie Johnson, (WA), Liam Henry, (WA), Jon Humphries, (WA), Cox Khai-Arn, (WA), Kaije Slater, (WA), Tarkyn Brogan-Henry, (WA), Malek Wallum, (WA), Elijah Taylor, (WA), Ashley Colbung, (WA), Christian Miller-Sabbioni, (WA), Rueben McGuire, (WA).


2016 World Team squad:

Harry Cooper (NSW), Jehad Chahrouk (NSW), Nicolas Jooske (NSW), Lodviko Cokanauto (NT), Tito Sheriff (QLD), Kelly Castle (QLD), Sam Cairns (QLD), Rowan Anderson (QLD), Isaac William (QLD), Bruce Reville (QLD), Ajay Hem (SA), Joel Groom (SA), Kostandinos Georgiadis (SA), Edward Gattick (VIC), Emmanuel Ajang (VIC), Mathiang Chak (VIC), Ako Warakea (VIC),

Paul Sidhu (VIC), Marlyn Staunton (VIC), Tot Jok (VIC), Biggie Nyuon (VIC), Soka Yugusuk (WA), Jaylen Grey (WA), Kwame Ekpe (WA), Sandi Mathiang (WA), Preston Rusario (WA), Atem Deng (WA), Dominic Kennedy (WA), Fred Ruemesha (WA), Noel Mancuvani (WA).



Photo: 2015 Flying Boomerangs team in war cry (AFL Diversity) 

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2016 AFL Boomerangs and World Team Squads Announced | 5 comments | Create New Account
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2016 AFL Boomerangs and World Team Squads Announced
Authored by: Cam Homes on Tuesday, April 12 2016 @ 09:41 pm ACST

This is not a World Team, there is not a player from outside Australia named.

2016 AFL Boomerangs and World Team Squads Announced
Authored by: Troy Thompson on Wednesday, April 13 2016 @ 08:39 am ACST

Since they have ditched the idea of including overseas Under 16s for this completion it is now a real stretch to call this the World team (and somewhat confusing with the team of the competiton at the International Cup being named the World team). I can see that they consider it easier to retain the name but think it should be renamed to the Diversity team or Immigration team (or multicultural - although I don't think multicultural is right either).

2016 AFL Boomerangs and World Team Squads Announced
Authored by: Cam Homes on Wednesday, April 13 2016 @ 09:10 pm ACST

Not so long ago immigrants in Australia were collectively referred to as New Australians, so what could be wrong with calling this team the New Aussies, and then we could have a genuine World XVIII as was the case a couple of years ago.

Is it any coincidence that the emphasis on International participation has dropped away since the head honcho of development (if my memory serves me correctly) at the AFL moved to work with GWS and we now have a different person in the job. Just wondering!! Shoot me down if my memory is way off beam.

2016 AFL Boomerangs and World Team Squads Announced
Authored by: Wesley Hull on Thursday, April 14 2016 @ 01:00 pm ACST

Whilst I understand Cam's argument about player origins and the various arguments about the political side of naming this and naming that, there is one stakeholder ignored in that.

Having interviewed 27 of the All Nations team across two carnivals last year and last week, I can tell you catagorically the players love the concept of being a "world" team...knowing that their origins are from places around the world as opposed the the Kickstart team who have their origins firmly linked to the first people concept of indigenous Australians. These kids come from so many countries around the world, and under the selection criteria of one parent at least being born outside Australia they are proud to claim the "world" status as being connected to the rest of the world.

So, do we argue about naming the teams based on how we see it, or do we accept the pride of the participants? It is ostensibly their carnival, so I think their idea should be a part of the argument.

I am certain that eventually they would learn to love terms like "Diversity team" or others, but for now the players embrace the term "world". I am not certain that the political, educational, geographical opinions of grown adults is any more important than the opinions of the players who give their all on the field under that banner.

Just another opinion.

2016 AFL Boomerangs and World Team Squads Announced
Authored by: Cam Homes on Thursday, April 14 2016 @ 05:12 pm ACST

Not going to quibble about what you're saying Wes, but my point is NOT about the actual name for this team, that is secondary.
About three/four years ago for several years there was a team that was made up of players all drawn from other countries.
WHY aren't the latest crop of juniors from France, Denmark, South Africa, Canada, USA, Fiji,Vanuatu, England, New Zealand and elsewhere participating now.
They could be calling themselves the Junior Jumbucks or even World Where's Wallies or something, the name is immaterial, they are NOT here playing now. THAT IS THE "CRIME" being committed here.