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Wednesday, May 13 2015 @ 10:26 pm ACST

Contributed by: Cam Homes

AFL Asia 2015 AGM

AFL Asia has elected a new, larger, committee for 2015.

AFL Asia’s former Vice President & Treasurer, Darren Whitfield was elected to the top job at the 2015 Annual General Meeting which was conducted by club presidents on Skype.(22nd Feb 2015)

Grant Keys (President Vietnam Swans) was elected as the Vice President as was Dennis Cornwell staying on for Auskick.

The full committee is detailed below and allocation of portfolios shall be done soon, after consulting with committee members separately.


Outgoing President, Phil Johns, who did not stand for re-election, congratulated Darren on his deserved promotion to the position of President citing his outstanding work as AFL Asia’s Treasurer and Vice President in the 2013/14 Committee. He said that under the stewardship of Darren and his new Committee, the future of AFL Asia looked particularly bright.

Phil also acknowledged and thanked other founding committee members Steve Morrish (former Vice President who resigned mid 2014); Dennis Cornwell (who continues with Auskick); and AFL Asia’s unsung hero and outgoing Secretary, Mark Stennet (Mark did not stand for re-election) who had made an enormous contribution to the development of AFL Asia. Phil also thanked the club presidents.

In turn, Darren thanked Phil and the members of AFL Asia’s inaugural committee for getting AFL Asia to where it is today. He added that the new committee, with the support of all member clubs, looked forward to taking AFL Asia to the next level.


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