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Ludwigsburg Taipans and Dresden Wolves feature in 2015 AFLG Draw

The release of the new playing fixture for the 2015 season in Germany contains some very welcome and pleasing additions to the roster – both an extension on 2014 and an expansion across the league which highlights the game’s growth in the country.

The league welcomes the Dresden Wolves and the Ludwigsburg Taipans for their first seasons in the new national format. After a season spent on “the bench”, the Frankfurt Redbacks also return to the fold.

The new season will feature two halves. An eight round draw from April to June will feature a nationwide AFL 9’s competition. Whilst this is a drop in on-field player numbers, it also ensures that thee competition will extend to 10 viable teams. Hamburg Dockers and the Rheinland Lions will enter two teams each, whilst Munich Kangaroos, Berlin Crocs and Stuttgart Emus will be joined by the new teams from Dresden, Ludwigsburg and the returning Frankfurt Redbacks.
At the end of the 9’s draw, the larger teams (Hamburg, Rheinland and Munich) will play a round-robin style draw over a further six rounds from throughout July and August culminating in a grand-final on 12th September.

When looking through the newly released document, three names appear which would delight the purists and expansionists.

The Ludwigsburg Taipans, started in 2012 and just 15 kilometres from Stuttgart, have been developing in local 9’s formats and this entry into the wider national competition is great reward for effort and commitment to all concerned. (See our World Footy News story regarding the Taipans at: http://www.worldfootynews.com/article...4130101703

The Dresden Wolves came into being around the same time, playing (and winning) their first match in the CAAFL (Czech Association of Australian Football League) in 2013 when they downed the Prague Dragons. Since then the goal has headed towards their debut in the new national design. For more information about the Dresden Wolves, see our story : http://www.worldfootynews.com/article...5083059128

The Frankfurt Redbacks once again return to the national competition after a hiatus of sorts in 2014. The 9’s format has eased pressure on player numbers allowing their return.

The success of the new format will not be apparent until the season is over, but the exciting, innovative restructuring of the AFLG competition will breathe a new life into the game and open up more opportunities for players.

But before all of that, a huge welcome to the Taipans, Wolves and Redbacks.

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Ludwigsburg Taipans and Dresden Wolves feature in 2015 AFLG Draw | 2 comments | Create New Account
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Ludwigsburg Taipans and Dresden Wolves feature in 2015 AFLG Draw
Authored by: Harley Vague on Friday, February 13 2015 @ 11:40 am ACDT

The new fixturing has gone from fortnightnightly games to weekly hosting, and from one 18-a-side game to four 9-a-side games per event. I will be living near Stuttgart for 3 months so that means there is plenty of football in Stuttgart to watch plus easy access to more.

Ludwigsburg Taipans and Dresden Wolves feature in 2015 AFLG Draw
Authored by: Cam Homes on Saturday, February 14 2015 @ 11:00 am ACDT

I believe the AFLG were playing at 14-a-side (had to field 12 players to avoid forfeit). Going from fortnightly to weekly matches is a 'giant' step in the development of the game tho' and ten teams brings a welcome increase in the number (and from across the country) of players competing at the "inter-city" level.
The 2nd half of the season still enables the 'big' clubs to play 'all' their players at that 'top' standard too.
All very encouraging signs for the continuing development and expansion of footy in Germany.

Would be interested in how the various intra-city comps are fairing at present as its here that many, if not most, new players take that first 'drop' punt in trying out the game.
Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg & Stuttgart all had local 'intra-city' comps a couple of years ago, it would be interesting to have an indication of the numbers still having a go at this level???