Nauru 2015 Independence Day footy match won by South.

Tuesday, February 03 2015 @ 12:17 pm ACDT

Contributed by: Michael Christiansen

Last week saw the 47th anniversary of the independence of Nauru. Formerly known as Pleasant Island, the Republic of Nauru is the smallest state in the South Pacific and by population is the 2nd smallest state in the world after the Vatican City. Nevertheless – and despite a windy and wet day – the national game (along with weightlifting) of Australian Football played a hotly contested North vs South Independence Day match.

The following report is from AFL South Pacific.


In a very windy and rainy day, the South team comprising of players mostly from Aiwo, Boe and Evergreen took out this year's Independence match.

Souths shot off to a commanding lead in the 1st quarter with veteran former Panzer key forward Jaxon Jeremiah providing a key target for the South team. The pace of the game had slowed due to the weather which was ideal for the older veterans. Souths kept the North team scoreless in the 1st quarter with Jenke Jeremiah controlling the ruck providing his runners with easy clearances.

In the 2nd quarter the North mounted a comeback gaining some momentum but they did not fully capitalise missing easy shots. North's captain Trent Depaune was shifted to the forward line after struggling against Jaxon in the 1st and it immediately paid dividends with Trent kicking a goal for the North to register their 1st for the game.

In the 3rd quarter the Souths again asserted their dominance in the middle with German Grundler, Diijay Grundler and Johnny Dagiaro winning clearances at ease. In the last, Norths mounted another comeback by kicking 5 straight goals but in the end the margin was too great to reel in.

German Grundler for the South team was adjudged best on ground with a dominant display of hard running, skill and poise despite the poor weather and slippery conditions.For the North team Kingson Akibwib was their best player. He was tenacious with his pressure, desperation and tried his heart out all game from the first bounce to the final whistle.


SOUTH 4.2. (26) 5.4. (34) 10.7. (67) 12.7. (79)
NORTH 0.0. (0) 2.5. (17) 2.5. (17) 7.5. (47)

Jaxon Jeremiah 2, Johnny Dagiaro 2, DJ Grundler 2, Quincy Detenamo 2, Johnson Hiram, Lachlan Bretchefeld, Bronco Deidenang, Aykers Daniel
NORTH: Tommy Daniel 2, Trent Depaune, BJ Bingham, Robroy Grundler, Amin Dabug Depaune, Jericho Detenamo

German Grundler, Bronco Deidenang, DJ Grundler, Ayker Daniel, Jeremiah Kam, Jenke Jeremiah
NORTH: Kingson Akibwib, Eros Kun, Patrick Aboubo, Trent Depaune, Detrick B Seymour, Trevin Bernicke

German Grundler – Souths

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