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IC14 tipping competition winner

International Cup 2014

worldfootynews.com is pleased to announce the winner of our IC14 tipping competition: Seth McElvaney (USAFL Umpire's Director, Founder of the North Carolina Tigers).

Remarkably Seth was runner-up in 2011, proving his good form was no fluke.

In 2011 we asked tipsters to predict the result of each round, whereas this time we were pushed for time and launched our competition very late and simply asked for final ladders for the men's and women's competition.  Final ladders were compared with the true finishing positions and points calculated for each position away the tipster was.  All these "errors" were then summed and divided by the number of teams to give an average miss error.

E.g. if there had been 4 teams only: PNG (1), Ireland (2), NZ (3), SA (4) and they finished in that order, but a tipster had placed them as Ireland (1), NZ (2), PNG (3), SA (4) then they would have had an error in each position of 1, 1, 2, 0 respectively, for a total of 4 and average of 1.0.  The lower the error the better.

Our winner Seth had an average error across the 18 men's and 7 women's teams of just 1.44.  That was better even than the primary author of our world rankings, Cam Homes (ineligible) on 1.60.  The worst entry (we won't name and shame) was 2.56.  Seth even listed the top 3 in both the men's and women's exactly right.

Congratulations to Seth, we'll be contacting you shortly to arrange a football related prize up to the value of $100.

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