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Friday, September 05 2014 @ 02:42 pm ACST

Contributed by: Brett Northey

Here we've put together some statistics on the 2014 International Cup as well as past tournaments.  Some are important numbers, some are useless trivia.

Feel free to suggest some other numbers.


The Numbers

0 - the lowest score (shared by six teams) at IC14

1 - time NZ has won the Men's

2 - times is the most Men's Cups won (both Ireland and PNG)

3 - nations have won the Men's IC (Ireland, PNG, NZ)

4 - South Pacific nations finishing in the top 10 at IC14

5 - times the event has been held

6 - years since Samoa attended

7 - nations have attended the Women's IC (not double counting Canada and US development squads)

8 - nations have attended every IC (see Australian Football International Cups to work out which ones)

9 - years since Spain attended

12 - Pakistan's finishing position on debut at IC14

16 - Indonesia's finishing position on debut at IC14

17 - venues used across Victoria for IC14

23 - nations (or entities) have played in the Men's competition across the 5 IC

35 - most goals kicked in a match at IC14 (Nauru against Indonesia)

144 - highest Women's score (Canada Northern Lights over Tonga) at IC14

147 - shortest listed player (in cm, Therese Tupper, USA Liberty) at IC14

150 - shorted listed male player (in cm, Frenky Warumu, Indonesia) at IC14

192 - tallest listed female player (in cm, 'Otolose Tenifa, Tonga) at IC14

208 - tallest listed player (in cm, Anthony Trigg, Great Britain) at IC14

208 - tallest listed player at IC08 (Matts Wurmbach, Sweden)

220 - biggest win at IC14 (Nauru over Indonesia)

227 - highest score at IC14 (Nauru over Indonesia)

3.7 billion - approximate population represented at IC14 (out of 7 billion on Earth; the most populous countries not attending, in order were, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam)

* We accept there could be mistakes, especially misprints in the official Record, e.g. we suspect Nauru's youngest player,listed as 9 years old, might not be correct (though they are a tough people!).

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