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Sunset on Hunt's brief Aussie rules career

AFL Club Gold Coast Suns foundation player and NZ born rugby/rugby league code-crosser is moving on having made it to play 44 senior AFL matches for the club. After many said he would never make it, Hunt who was paid and used as a promotional tool for the new club did make it as a servicable AFL footballer and more importantly helped to mentor and develop many of the club's very young list of footballers. The following statement from the Gold Coast Suns this morning.
Gold Coast SUNS members & supporters will be given the opportunity to celebrate the unique and successful journey of Karmichael Hunt at Metricon Stadium on Sunday.The tri-code pioneer has confirmed he will continue his professional career away from the GC SUNS in 2015.
"It has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and while in 2014 I've had my fair share of injuries, I'm looking forward to saying thank you and farewell to our fans on Sunday at Metricon Stadium," Hunt said. Hunt admitted his decision to prolong his sporting career away from the SUNS in 2015 was a considered and emotional one.
"My family and I have been considering my next step as an athlete for some time, and as a result, now is right time for my playing career with the Gold Coast SUNS to come to an end.
"I will be forever grateful to the AFL and Gold Coast SUNS for giving me such an amazing opportunity. I've enjoyed every aspect of it and the game and the SUNS will always be part of mine and my family's life.
"There are far too many people to thank for helping me to achieve what I have been able to do in the game, but to the coaches and support staff, my teammates and our ever-growing fan base, I thank you for your direction, guidance and importantly your support.
"It has been an amazing challenge and an incredibly fulfilling one, and I wish the Gold Coast SUNS all the very best in the future," Hunt said.
Hunt, 27, remains in the mix for senior selection in what would be his 45th and final game for the GC SUNS.
Gold Coast SUNS CEO, Travis Auld, praised Hunt's achievement, dedication and role in establishing the Gold Coast Football Club.
"Karmichael Hunt's role in establishing us as an AFL club will never be underestimated by those close to our football club.
"Karmichael has delivered far more the we could have ever hoped for when we signed him in 2009 and with his assistance and dedication, the Gold Coast SUNS have found a place in the hearts and minds of many Queenslanders."
Auld said the Gold Coast would have the chance to celebrate Hunt's achievement on Sunday against the West Coast Eagles at Metricon Stadium.
"On Sunday we will not only celebrate Karmichael's contribution and legacy to the Gold Coast SUNS and AFL in Queensland, but on a grander scale, celebrate one of Australian sport's most significant achievements; an athlete who has played at the elite level of three of popular sporting codes in rugby league, rugby union and AFL.
"We invite sporting fans across south east Queensland to Metricon Stadium on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Karmichael's achievement and contribution to the Gold Coast SUNS, AFL, rugby league and union and wish him well as he continues his remarkable journey as one of Australian sport's favourite athletes," Auld said.
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Sunset on Hunt's brief Aussie rules career | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Sunset on Hunt's brief Aussie rules career
Authored by: Brett Northey on Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 09:19 pm ACST

Due credit to Hunt, he went much closer to making a go of Aussie Rules than Israel Folau. Hunt actually looked quite competent at the AFL level, pretty much on the verge of indisputably having "made it" but then suffered a lot of injuries, some of them just bad luck.

My take on the code-crossing experiment... Hunt was a success in that he raised the profile of the sport in the desired demographic, the club grew in support, he played competitive football, leaves with the team on the rise, and by all reports did a lot to help bring the younger players through in terms of work ethic and coping with elite sport.

Folau, unfortunately, no. Didn't last as long, never looked like he knew how to play, the club continues to struggle on field and very little sign of growing support.

If you'd asked me at the start which was more likely to be a success, I must admit I probably thought Folau, with his size and athleticism likely to see him be a damaging key position player, whereas Hunt, smaller, would be in competition with so many elite on-ballers at his club and against other teams. Clearly I got that wrong!

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN

Sunset on Hunt's brief Aussie rules career
Authored by: Troy Thompson on Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 09:52 pm ACST

For those who don't know our mate and brother to many(through the Brother Club program) Wesley Hull has been ill during the past week and hospitalised. Fortunately he is now just out of hospital.

I know he has some thoughts on the subject of Karmichael Hunt and his value in inspiring kids in FNQ (Far North Queensland).

We may just have to wait until he has fully recovered though. We hope you are fighting fit again soon mate.

Sunset on Hunt's brief Aussie rules career
Authored by: Brett Northey on Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 10:52 pm ACST


Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN

Sunset on Hunt's brief Aussie rules career
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Sunday, August 31 2014 @ 08:32 pm ACST

When you hear people from QLD speak of how Hunt was bigger than Ablett (especially back 3 years ago) and how his move over showed that it was okay to play the game - the value of that to the demographic that it was aimed at was money far better spent than any tacky advertising campaign that would've probably flopped.

And flopped is what Izzy did but that also gives greater support to just how hard the game is to master. Granted Izzy was a more than serviceable player in the NEAFL.

The Izzy story sadly overshadowed the real good story of Mike Pyke at the time. However - those two stories illustrate the difference that work ethic and attitude makes in a game that demands that to succeed.......so, back to Izzy and Rugby (not sure what that says??).