2014 International Cup World Teams named

Friday, August 22 2014 @ 10:30 pm ACST

Contributed by: Brett Northey

The International Cup Gala Dinner was on tonight and as is tradition World Teams have been named from both the Men's and Women's competitions at the International Cup.

Teams were picked utilising umpire votes, official team votes and the views of the AFL selection panel.

Captain of the Women is Canda's Aimee Legault, whose passion for Australian football is such that she moved Down Under to play at the highest level.  For the Men it is Ireland's Mick Finn, also now based in Australia and a key to their 2011 Cup win and likely to be vital tomorrow on the MCG.  Legault and Ireland's Laura Corrigan were named Female Player of the Tournament, and Finn was named Male Player of the Tournament.

The Women's side features 9 Canadians, 6 Irish, 5 Americans, 1 Tongan and 1 Fijian.

The Men's is dominated by the usual big 4 international sides: Ireland (4), PNG (3), NZ (3), SA (3).  The remainder are from Canada (2), GB (2), USA (2), Nauru (1), Fiji (1), Tonga (1).

Women’s Team

B:            Alexa Blatnik (USA FR), Malia Afuha’Amango (Tonga), Catherine Georgiadis (USA Liberty)           

HB:         Fiona Roarty (Ireland), Salote Matakibau (Fiji), Hilary Perry (Canada)

C:            Emma Dickinson (Canada), Aimee Legault (C) (Canada), Paula Keatley (Ireland)

R:            Hallie Lee (USA FR), Laura Corrigan (VC) (Ireland), Emma Kelly (Ireland)

HF:         Veronica Fernandez (Canada), Kirsten Bodashefsky (Canada), Kenda Heil (Canada)

F:            Sara Edwards-Rohner (USA FR), Aimee Hazely (Ireland), Kim Hemenway (USA FR)

INT:        Renee Tong (Canada), Lara Hilmi (Canada), Gill Behan (Ireland), Danah Arnold (Canada)

Men’s Team

B:            Ben Miller (NZ), John Ikupu (PNG), Asanda Funda (SA)

HB:         Brendan Browne (Ireland), Peni Mahina (Tonga), Khayalethu Sikiti (SA)

C:            Nathan Strom (Canada), Gideon Simon (VC) (PNG), Saleh Tyebjee (USA)

R:            Mick Finn (C) (Ireland), Tshoboko Moagi (SA), Andrew Howsion (NZ)

HF:         Luke Matias (GB), Padraig Lucey (Ireland), Jonas Amwano (Nauru)

F:            Jiuta Vatutei (Fiji), Amua Pirika (PNG), Sam Willatt (GB)

INT:        Neil Casey (Canada), David Stynes (Ireland), Aaron Harris (NZ), Dan Lehane (USA)

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