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Meet the players - Luke Matias - Great Britain

International Cup 2014

Meet the players - Luke Matias (Great Britain).

Name :Luke Matias
Club (Home)
Club (Other)Caulfield Grammerians
Age :31
Hgt :6'1"
Pos :Midfield
Fave AFL team :St Kilda
Fave AFL player:Lenny "I love Lenny" Hayes
Years playing :10
How found footy :Younger brother inspired me to play for the start up Nottingham Scorpions side in UK. Despite being severely injured he still gave me the strength to do everything I could.
IC14 Tips
Tightest (stingiest) teammate :Fraser Brown (& there IS a 'Fraser Kitty')
Least want to sit beside on plane :Between Sam Pitman and Anthon Trigg (Both 6'8")
Favourite Food :Dumplings (anywhere - as long as they fit my macro's!)
Sporting Idol :Michael Jordan & The Rock
Funniest/embarrassing footy moment :I tend to get a lot of grief for waxing my legs - but I'm not really one for being embarrassed about too much.
Footy highlight :Each and every time I'm a part of the IC - wonderful experience.
Simpsons or FuturamaSimpsons
Star Wars or Star TrekThe NEW Star Trek Films plus anything with The Rock!!
Banana or Check-sidePhotograph better from the right side.
Team mate most likely to become President/PMSam Pitman - I like a lot of his political views on Gold Class vs Peasant Class. I'd vote for the man.
Team mate who spends most time in front of the mirrorThe mirrors in our team spend a bit of time in front of me!! Owain likes a bit though!

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