Nauru Chiefs triumph over Great Britain Bulldogs

Tuesday, August 19 2014 @ 10:08 pm ACST

Contributed by: Harley Vague

Tuesday 19 13.30

This was always going to be an interesting game to see how the game would pan out given the ladder positions Nauru (7th) and Great Britain (10th), and the fact that Nauru defeated Great Britain in Round 2.

With the Bulldogs having the taller ruck and key positional players and the Chiefs executing the possession game.

It was going to be a clash of styles. Surprisingly no one style prevailed. Each would move the ball up the ground in their own method starting from the halfback lines.Perhaps the Nauru Chiefs did not make the most of their opportunities and the G.B. Bulldogs held a slender one point lead at quarter time.

The Chiefs continued in attack in the second quarter but the Bulldogs were reading the play, defending well and counter attacking with structured moves.

It was the chiefs tendency to bring the ball back early into the corridor when in attack allowed the Bulldogs to gain the ascendancy and score. They stopped the Chiefs scoring and
grafted two goals themselves. However a timely mark and goal from just inside the 50m arc before the half time siren turned the outlook around.

The chiefs came out confident. They moved the ball around quickly. Five marks and passes in a row from halfback nearly falters at full forward with a good spoil but a good roving snap gives the Chiefs the lead. A mark, penalty and goal to #16 Grundler German increases the lead. #24 Mwaredaga Dave took a great mark and passed to #30 Grundler Dj who goaled from 30m.

Nauru’s teamwork and running game is starting to carve up the Bulldog’s defences. #12 Detenamo Marcus Paul roved a ball, pivoted and snapped truly from 45m.

The G.B. coach was not happy and urged his players on. The Bulldogs gave everything in the last quarter restricting the Chiefs to just one point.

#27 Turn Crompton controlled the ruck and took marks around the ground but generally Bulldog talls weren’t capitalising.

#2 Sam Willatt snapped truly from a sharp angle giving the Bulldogs a sniff. #10 Tom Judson marks a kick out passes to #4 Andrew Smith who pushes the kick wide.Shortly after a Bulldog tackle causes a scramble and a kick through the goals is critically adjudged to be touched off the boot.

Players like #8 Batsiua Mallinson and #6 Batsiua Maverick defend to hold on a for a hard fought win.

Division 1 (7v10)

Nauru: 2.1 3.4 7.6 7.7 (49)

Great Britain: 2.2 4.2 4.2 5.3 (33)


Nauru: Donatello 2, German 2, Tipung, Snuka, Charles

Great Britain: Willatt, Worthington, Walton, Mitchell


Nauru: Tiana, Donatello, Jonas, Mallinson, Dave, Lennox

Great Britain: Walton, Matias, Saunders, McGeever, Ryland, Aburto

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