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Meet the players - Masaya Nakamura - Japan

International Cup 2014

 Meet the players - Masaya NAKAMURA (Japan).

Name : Masaya NAKAMURA (#1)
Club (Home) Tokyo Bay Suns
Club (Other) Box Hill North Demons (2009)
Age : 25
Hgt : 177cm
Pos : CHB
Fave AFL team : Collingwood Magpies
Fave AFL player: Jamie Elliot
Years playing : 7
How found footy : I was recruited by Komazawa University footy team.
IC14 Tips  
Mens Japan
Womens Canada
Tightest (stingiest) teammate : Jun Sekiguchi(#9) Always fighting in the melee
Least want to sit beside on plane : Kuno Yosuke(#8) (When he is hungry, he gets angry, like HULK)
Favourite Food : Sushi
Sporting Idol : Masahiro TANAKA (NY Yankees)
Funniest/embarrassing footy moment : When I went out to watch a footy game with T-shirts like OZ in the winter, I was so freezed out.
Footy highlight : When I came to Mel in 2008 for the IC, Fev could not kick 100th goal....
Simpsons or Futurama Simpson
Star Wars or Star Trek Star Wars
Team mate most likely to become President/PM Jun SEKIGUCHI(#9) (He has a fighting spirits)

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