Meet the players - Julius Nicklasson - Sweden

Friday, August 15 2014 @ 12:38 pm ACST

Contributed by: Michael Christiansen

Meet the players - Julius Nicklasson (Sweden).

Name :Julius Niklasson
Club (Home)Port Malmö Maulers
Club (Other)
Age :20
Hgt :6'0"
Pos :FB, BP
Fave AFL team :Geelong
Fave AFL player:Jimmy Bartel
Years playing :2
How found footy :PE teacher is the Swedish coach
IC14 Tips
MensSwedish Elks
Least want to sit beside on plane :Tony Persson
Favourite Food :Carbonara
Sporting Idol :LeBron James
Funniest/embarrassing footy moment :Not knowing all the rules
Footy highlight :Debuting for the national team
Simpsons or FuturamaSimsons
Star Wars or Star TrekStar Wars
Banana or Check-sideBanana
Team mate most likely to become President/PMMe
Team mate who spends most time in front of the mirrorErik Vig

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