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Chinese squad for IC14

International Cup 2014

With the 2014 International Cup now just hours away players from all teams are just itching to get out on the fields in and around Melbourne to show their skills and seek rewards for their efforts. The Chinese team is certainly out to make a mockery of their 15th seeding and are keen to pull off upsets galore.


Below is the Chinese squad, featuring names and their team local team. The team will be captained by Shaoling Chen from the Guangzhou Scorpions. He is part of a group of 23 Scorpions in the squad, along with one from the Beijing Bombers, one from the Dongguan Giants, four from the Southern Dragons and two from La Trobe.

# No.Surname                   Given Names                           Club
1  ZHANG   HAO                     GUANGZHOU
3  CHEN            HAICHENG         GUANGZHOU
4         HUANG                BINQUAN                GUANGZHOU
6                PI                JIAMING              DRAGONS (Vic)
7 (c)               CHEN         SHAOLIANG          GUANGZHOU
8 (vc)       ZHENG       YIFENG                 GUANGZHOU
9                ZHU           JIANGSHENG        GUANGZHOU
10               YU             ENDA                     GUANGZHOU
11         LIU            SIRUN                     GUANGZHOU
13       LIU            KUNSONG             GUANGZHOU
14       DENG        MINGJIE                GUANGZHOU
15       CHEN         ZHUSHEN            GUANGZHOU
16      LIN              QIJIAN                GUANGZHOU
17      ZHUANG      YAN                      GUANGZHOU
20      LIU               SHENG                GUANGZHOU
21     LIN             HONGHUI           DONGGUAN
23     ZHANG      JIYAO                   GUANGZHOU
24       SUN              SHAOQIANG       GUANGZHOU 
25     QIU              JIANXIANG        GUANGZHOU
26       GAO            PENG            DRAGONS (Vic)
27      YANG          FAN                 GUANGZHOU
28   OU                            XINYU             GUANGZHOU
33     ZHANG              ZEFAN            GUANGZHOU 
34    SHEN          QINGMING        GUANGZHOU
36     YANG          MING               LA TROBE (Vic)
40    QIU              HAO               DRAGONS (Vic)
47   FAN             IRYOUNG      LA TROBE (Vic)
50    YANG          YANG               DRAGONS (Vic)
67    CHEN         JIANHAO             GUANGZHOU 
5      DING         GUAN QUN        BEIJING
18    LIU            HUANZHANG      GUANGZHOU
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