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WFN IC14 tipping competition

  • Thursday, August 07 2014 @ 01:00 am ACST
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International Cup 2014

worldfootynews.com is pleased to announce a friendly tipping competition for the 2014 AFL International Cup.

This year's competition will be different to 2011 when you had to tip each match. This time around we're asking competitors to predict the finishing order for both the men's and women's events.

For a bit of extra incentive we'll organise a prize, to be advised later.

The competition will be open to everyone that is a member of our site (including WFN staff, but they are ineligible to win the prizes). Not signed up? It's free, we don't spam you with adverts, and it allows you to post comments (purely used to stop spammers). Sign up here. You can also sign in with your Facebook credentials.

Apologies for the late notice so please hurry to get your tips in - competition closes 9am Australian EST Sunday 10th August.

Read on for the details of how to enter.

The tipping competition will involve all matches from both the men's and women's competitions, so the final ladders will be specified by the AFL at the completion of all games. The competition is open to anyone. There is no entry fee, and the main intention is a bit of fun. If you wish to remain anonymous then create a discreet user profile, but please only one entry per (real) person.

To enter the competition, simply click here to send an email to our ic14tips account. Just let us know your name, where you are from (country) and list the men's and women's teams in predicted finishing order. Each entry will be rated based on a point for each position removed from the actual finishing position, e.g. if you tip Ireland at #1 but they finish #3 that's 2 points added to your total score. The lowest overall score wins (e.g. 0 would mean you got every position correct).

Usual disclaimers apply, the judge's (WFN) decision is final and will use our discretion to resolve any issues. In the event of an unbreakable tie for the top tipster position WFN will organise a "playoff" round to be advised if that occurs (such as tipping the AFL finishing positions).

We reserve the right to publish all the tips for transparency. We reserve the right to cancel the competition if there are insufficient entries (quite possible given the late notice).

Any questions about this competition can be posted on this thread or asked by emailing ic14tips at the address linked above.

Competing teams including men's seedings, see here: Seedings and draw