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Player Profiles - Adam Nash - Canada

International Cup 2014

Meet the players - Adam Nash (Canada)

Name : Adam Nash
Club (Canada) Ottawa Swans
Club (Other)Fitzroy Stars
Age : 23
Hgt : 6'2"
Pos :Half forward
Fave AFL team :St Kilda
Fave AFL player: Nick Riewoldt
Years playing :3 years
How found footy : Grandfather played for South Melb (not Laurie). Was playing semi pro soccer in Canada, got onto Canadian footy via coach.
IC14 Tips
Mens(1) Canada; (2) Ireland
Womens (1) Canada; (2) Ireland
Tightest (stingiest) teammate :Justin Settle
Least want to sit beside on plane : Nathan Strom (too cranky)
Favourite Food :Poutine
Sporting Idol : Nick Riewoldt
Funniest/embarrassing footy moment :finally made senior side, evaded 3 players, into the goal square...only to have kick smothered...doh!!

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