World Footy Development Techniques Survey

Wednesday, January 01 2014 @ 04:31 pm ACDT

Contributed by: Harley Vague

With the commencement of 2014 many (but not all) Australian football clubs will be thinking of a new season and how they can best prepare, not just in terms of improving existing players but in terms of developing their club.

WFN has used this quiet period to formulate a questionaire for the benefit of all clubs and leagues.  From the replies we will attempt to identify effective means of developing football club growth.

In effect, we are asking clubs what they have and haven't tried in an attempt to widen support for their club and to rate their experiences.

A number of leagues have been approached and they have expressed interest in the results which will be open to everyone, and hopefully serve as a future reference. We hope all clubs around the world will share their experiences by following the link below.

There's no firm cut off date, but we hope to collate results by the end of January 2014.

World Footy Development Techniques Survey

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