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Friday, January 22 2021 @ 01:11 am ACDT

World Footy Development Techniques Survey

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With the commencement of 2014 many (but not all) Australian football clubs will be thinking of a new season and how they can best prepare, not just in terms of improving existing players but in terms of developing their club.

WFN has used this quiet period to formulate a questionaire for the benefit of all clubs and leagues.  From the replies we will attempt to identify effective means of developing football club growth.

In effect, we are asking clubs what they have and haven't tried in an attempt to widen support for their club and to rate their experiences.

A number of leagues have been approached and they have expressed interest in the results which will be open to everyone, and hopefully serve as a future reference. We hope all clubs around the world will share their experiences by following the link below.

There's no firm cut off date, but we hope to collate results by the end of January 2014.

World Footy Development Techniques Survey

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World Footy Development Techniques Survey | 5 comments | Create New Account
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World Footy Development Techniques Survey
Authored by: Harley Vague on Friday, January 03 2014 @ 10:37 pm ACDT

Looking at the results so far there has been good participation and some interesting feedback.

Questions about ground aquisitions and travel costs were omiited as it was assumed these would be universally problematical to clubs. However social events, especially GF parties as a means of attracting new followers seems to be an important omission from the survey. Football clubs do have some definite views on where the development focus should be but also they don't neccessarily achieve the same outcomes for the same approach. .  

World Footy Development Techniques Survey
Authored by: Tobietta Rhyman on Sunday, January 05 2014 @ 04:12 am ACDT

Even in the UK the issue of grounds and travelling varies considerable and it might be that someone has found a good way to travel eg. car sharing, mini bus etc. and it would also be interesting to see how many clubs have their own playing and/or grounds, how many rent of the council and how many share with rugby clubs

AFL England Women's Football Co-ordinator; WFN Female Football Writer
World Footy Development Techniques Survey
Authored by: Harley Vague on Sunday, January 05 2014 @ 09:55 pm ACDT

There is a lot of synergy between AFCs and rugby clubs in England and France so there is was a question specifically inserted about co-operation with other codes. Travelling (costs)is a huge problem and one that most clubs have had to face and to have thought deeply about. I've talked to some European clubs and they mostly car pool. Hiring a bus, even without a driver is expensive. Public transport is sometimes an option. I have wondered about the feasibility of a league purchasing a bus and sharing but I cannot picture it working as the clubs would need it at the same time. If there is an answer I'm sure everyone would like to hear it.

World Footy Development Techniques Survey
Authored by: Wesley Hull on Wednesday, January 08 2014 @ 07:43 am ACDT

 Hi Harley. It is a bit unfair to compare what happens in Australia to Europe or the States, but at the same time our club in North Queensland operates in a vastly different way to most and we have learned to become creative with how we transport our kids to games who live up to 50 kilometres or more away from grounds and have no family transsport coming from very low socio-economic situations.


We have forged two important links locally. One with a shire council and another with a local college. In both cases they allow us to dry hire the buses (ie: we provide the driver) and instead of charging us, this is their way of sponsoring our club for the season. We are lucky that myself and a number of other coaches are licenced heavy vehicle drivers, so it works well for us. The key here is the sponsorship angle. If a friend of a friend runs a bus company (or similar) they may have a way of sponsoring the club through semi permanent use of a designated vehicle. 


It is the only way our club can be effective, viable and competitive and it stands to reason that where there are populations large enough to sustain footy clubs there should also be bus companies or hire companies who may come on board...especially if there is already a club connection through players, families or partners. 


As I say, this is a situation unique to us and may not work elsewhere...but it may also be a step in a direction to something that may work.


Hope this helps.









World Footy Development Techniques Survey
Authored by: Harley Vague on Thursday, January 09 2014 @ 07:18 pm ACDT

Wes, you have done well to provide transport in a challenging situation but also to demonstrate the factors that prevent solutions from being automatically transferable. Australians have been  comfortable with travelling long distances and most country centres would have a community/educational bus available for sharing or modest rent. People with the right licence are in supply and football is sometimes seen as the lifeblood of a community. Deals and sponorship are possible(but never easy).North America has closer similarities to Australia than Europe. Professional sporting teams still largely bus around the USA for example. USA clubs tend to be very business savvy yet they still stuggle to achieve the level of support required to take the next step. Europe is a lot worse. Fuel is expensive, tollways are everywhere.on roads, tunnels, bridges and ferries. In Scandanavia clubs aren't that far apart but unavoidable ferries makes travelling expensive. They tend to charge by vehicle and per person. It's difficult but hopefully not impossible. For example Bordeax was able to extract considerable backing in the form of Euros from the local council when they held the Euro Cup after putting in a lot of hard work and professional expertise. Tournaments would be one way to generate underwriting funds from the local community as they inject considerable sums into the host community. Most tournaments produce some sort of accomodation concession so transport would be another angle.