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Tuesday, August 04 2020 @ 03:40 am ACST

Axios Euro Cup Team Preview – France


As we get closer to the event, World Footy News continues its series of articles looking at the preparation and prospects of the various nations competing at this year’s Axios Euro Cup in Bordeaux. This time we look at the story of the French national team, and host nation.  Thomas Urban, President of the Comitê National de Football Australien, gives us a rundown.

The Journey:

“This season has been good to the French League. Seven teams were involved in the championship and football starts to be known in cities where we have clubs. We hope that this Euro Cup will be a chance for us to shine in the country and not just Bordeaux Bombers but every club will take benefit of it.”


 The Preparation:

“After a big win in the ANZAC game where the majority of the Euro squad played as a test, the game against Germany revealed some good elements. We have the chance to organize the cup and bring our best players. The boys are experienced - some have been playing in French team for 3-4 years. The new guys want to prove that they deserve their selection in the team. We have the chance to be supported by every member of the league.”


The Squad:

“The captain, Grégoire Patacq, will share his experience of the Titans and Continental to help new boys. We have guys who know each other and have automatism. Unfortunately Wilfried Houvion, Legion player, has gone to Canada for a year and will not be with us.”

The squad is:

Besnard, Loïc

Dandaleix, Pierre-Etienne

Denerf, Jérôme

Gil, Julien

L'Hôtellier, Joévin

Macaud, Benoit

Martinez, Emilien

Maylié, Julien

Mendoza, Valentin

Patacq, Marc Antoine

Patacq, Grégoire

Raphaë,l Loïc

Robert, Nicolas

Schieber, Alban

Vautrin, Alexandre

Vautrin, Nicolas


The Goal:

“We were disappointed last year because we played poorly against our opponent whereas we had the potential to bring a better result. This year is a home game and we want to honour our friends, family, sponsors and fans for their support. It is a short time[frame for] games so everything is possible. We are in the group of death (presumably meaning they are in the same pool as last year’s Euro Cup winners, Ireland, and Euro Plate winners, the up and coming Norway) but who knows.”


The Final Word:

“The Axios Euro Cup in Bordeaux is a great opportunity for football to grow in France. We currently have 7 clubs, but this year already Perpignan rose up and we founded a team in Lyon. We have some contacts in 3 other cities. It is just the beginning.”


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