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Tuesday, August 04 2020 @ 03:36 am ACST

AFL Europe Algarve 9’s, Portugal – Lisbon Dockers' time to shine


This weekend saw a tournament played in Vilamoura, Portugal, which was small in scale and number of teams, but potentially huge ramifications for the nations competing.

Originally looked at as a tournament for teams not going to the Axios Euro Cup in Bordeaux next weekend, the event was eventually populated by the Oslo Crows (whose players will be in Bordeaux as part of the Norway squad) as well as the Flying Dutchmen from the Netherlands and the Lisbon Dockers representing host nation Portugal.

According to David Valente, President of Futbal Australiano em Portugal, this event could have great benefits for football in his nation.

“I'm delighted that AFL Europe chose Portugal for this competition and that the Lisbon Dockers are able to take part in it. We hope that this is only the first of many "Algarve 9's" and that in the future not just one, but more Portuguese teams take part.”

“Our main problem is the lack of local opposition, it's hard to keep people motivated when all that you have to offer are informal training sessions.”

“Being able to face international opposition will be a great boost for us, and may also accelerate the creation of a second Portuguese team, which is currently being planned in Aveiro (Northern Portugal), with help from AFL Europe.”

This is the first formal international outing for some time for the Lisbon Dockers, and a chance to show their skills. They are also wanting to repay the faith to the Fremantle Dockers for their support.

“We hope that this will show the Fremantle Dockers that they can count on us to promote both Australian football and the Dockers club in Portugal.”

The event itself was won by the Flying Dutchmen after three round robin games and a final. The result of the lead up games were:

Game 1: Flying Dutchmen 56 d Oslo Crows 42

Game 2: Oslo Crows 70 d Lisbon Dockers 21

Game 3: Flying Dutchmen 49 d Lisbon Dockers 25

The final was subsequently played between the Flying Dutchmen and the Oslo Crows, with the might of the Dutchmen triumphing.

Flying Dutchmen 58 defeating Oslo Crows 27

Certainly this event has the potential to increase within the Iberian Peninsula alone, as both Spain and Catalunya (Catalonia) have nominated teams to this year’s Euro Cup. With squads already put together for those events, more 9’s tournaments playing against the Lisbon Dockers is certainly a distinct possibility and something to work towards to keep those players committed and active. This could also lead to more opportunities for the Andorran national team to compete on a more regular basis.

Overall, the Algarve 9’s tournament could be a key to linking nations and teams throughout Europe. Congratulations to the organisers, AFL Europe, as well as the competing teams and their supporters, and we look forward to more of these events in the not too distant future, as well as a possible new team to look out for in Portugal.

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AFL Europe Algarve 9’s, Portugal – Lisbon Dockers' time to shine | 5 comments | Create New Account
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AFL Europe Algarve 9’s, Portugal – Lisbon Dockers\' time to shine
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, September 15 2013 @ 02:42 pm ACST

 I've just moved to Lisbon from Sydney, anyone know where can I find some information about the Lisbon Dockers? 

AFL Europe Algarve 9’s, Portugal – Lisbon Dockers\' time to shine
Authored by: Tobietta Rhyman on Sunday, September 15 2013 @ 03:28 pm ACST

Here's their website https://sites.google.com/site/lisbondockers/ Can't find them on facebook though. Looks like their website hasn't been updated for a few months but the email addresses it gave for contacts are david_lx@sapo.pt and futebolaustraliano@gmail.com.

AFL England Women's Football Co-ordinator; WFN Female Football Writer
AFL Europe Algarve 9’s, Portugal – Lisbon Dockers\\\' time to shine
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, September 15 2013 @ 05:30 pm ACST

 Thank you so much! I will flick them an email and see if i can get down for a run, missing it already! 

AFL Europe Algarve 9’s, Portugal – Lisbon Dockers\\\\\\\' time to shine
Authored by: Harley Vague on Sunday, September 15 2013 @ 08:18 pm ACST

Hopefully this will breath some life into teams from Spain, Catalan and Andorra as alluded to in the article especially when you consider the proximinity to a number of French teams.

AFL Europe Algarve 9’s, Portugal – Lisbon Dockers\' time to shine
Authored by: DV74 on Monday, September 16 2013 @ 05:52 am ACST

Re the Lisbon Dockers, both email addresses mentioned in Tobietta's post are still active and you can use them to reach us. I already answered Matt's email and I'm looking forward to adding him to our team. I'm also going to update the website, and we're currently working with AFL Europe to organise further events in Portugal and also to set up a second team.

You can also find us on facebook, the group's name is "Futebol Australiano em Portugal - Australian Rules Football in Portugal". Most posts are in Portuguese, but you can freely post in English.