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Big day in international footy

This  coming Saturday, 3rd of August, International Footy will see Vikings, Warriors and Knights battle against Elks, Bulldogs and Black Eagles in day one of the 2nd European Championships In Australian Football in Dublin, Ireland, and thousands of kilometers away in Edmonton, Canada (home to 1978 Commonwealth Games) the Northwind and Northern Lights will take on the Revolution and Freedom in the 9th edition of the 49th Parallel Cup, where Canada and USA do battle in both Men’s and Women’s matches.
Will there be any changes in the ranks in the WFN World Rankings?
Yes, at least one! If the four relevant matches go as the Ranking scheme predicts (ie. higher ranked/rated nation wins more often than not), a Croatian Knights win over the German Black Eagles will see Germany slip to 14th place and Sweden rise to 12th.  See Canada v USA below for more possible changes.
European Championship Matches
Great Britain 7th (46.51) defeats Denmark 11th (38.71) Rating Gap +/- 7.81 rate change +/-0.33
GB new Rating Points (46.84) 7th  
Denmark new Rating Points (38.38) 11th
Ireland 2nd (54.78) d. Sweden 14th (37.41) Rating Gap +/- 17.37 Exceeds +/- 10.00 rate change 0.00
Croatia (provisional)(40.61) d. Germany 12th (37.87) Rating Gap +/- 2.74 rate change +/-1.09
Croatia new Rating Points (41.69) (provisional) 
Germany new Rating Points (36.78) 14th
49th Parallel Cup Match
USA 8th (45.87) d. Canada 13th (37.82) Rating Gap +/- 5.04 rate change +/- 0.74
USA new Rating Points (46.61) 8th 
Canada new Rating Points (37.08) 13th
However, if USA win by more than 40 points and Great Britain doesn’t, the rating change for the USA v Canada match will be +/- 1.12 giving USA finishing points of (46.99) placing them into 7th place and GB falling to 8th place, and Canada will finish with (36.70) 14th  just below Germany with (36.78) 13th.
A Dynamic World Ranking Scheme
How dynamic the WFN World Ranking system is, would be demonstrated if Denmark were to defeat Great Britain. Denmark would jump to10th place with 41.38 Rating Points over Fiji down to 11th and Great Britain (43.84) would slip to 9th place below Tonga, with USA and Tonga climbing to 7th and 8th places respectively.
49th Parallel Cup Women’s Match
The fifth international match for the weekend has the Canadian Northern Lights take on USA’s Freedom and this match would see both Canada and USA become the first two nations to become Fully Ranked if the WFN World Ranking System was applied to International Women’s Footy. The winner would be Ranked 2nd behind Australia and the loser 3rd.
The two other matches being played this weekend are the USA v Canada Men’s & Women’s Development squads.
Footnote: Croatia will become the 21st Nation to be Fully Ranked on the conclusion of the 2nd European Championships in Australian Football next weekend 10th August.
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