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World XVIII go through undefeated

General NewsThe World XVIII today completed a clean sweep of matches in their division of the NAB AFL Under-16 Championships kicking 25.13 to the Flying Boomerangs 5.3. The South Pacific team went down heavily to the WA Northwest team.

Yesterday the Victorian Country team defeated South Australia 9.8 to 8.12 to take the Division 1 title. NSW/ACT defeated Tasmania today to take out Division 2.

Division Two & Three results – Round Three matches played today at the Blacktown International Sportspark in Sydney.

World XVIII 25.13 (163)
Flying Boomerangs 5.3 (33)

World XVIII: Sokoyi 5, McGivney 3, Paligorov 2, Kenny 2, Chol 2, Mamur 2, Kerbatieh, Aujla, Jok, Kassem, Kennedy, Moshoeshoe, Greyling, Mkhize, Sekori
Flying Boomerangs: Young 2, Hampton 2, Nelson

World XVIII: Kerbatieh, Aujla, Jok, Sokoyi, McGivney, El Moussalli
Flying Boomerangs: Gresham, Young, Davis, Wilkes, Powell-Pepper, Waterbury

WA North West 16.15 (111)
South Pacific 3.9 (27)

WA North West: Birch 6, Lockyer, Djiagween, Petera, Gore, Curtain, Martin, Ah Chee, Shaw, Adams, Oakley
South Pacific: Savere, Clark, Tuvasi, Foilape

WA North West: Simons, Butler, Cox, Birch, Adams, Evans
South Pacific: Savere, B.Tirang, Riddell, Rai, Reti, J.Tirang, Ramo

The World XVIII won Division Three

WA North West’s Sam Seton won the Mark Browning Medal, presented to the Division Three best and fairest.

NAB MVP players:
NSW/ACT: Callum Mills
Queensland: Ben Keays
Tasmania: Jordan Hayden
Northern Territory: Brandon Parfitt
WA North West: Sam Seton
Flying Boomerangs: Jade Gresham
South Pacific: Luke Savere
World XVIII: Hisham Kerbatieh

NSW/ACT 12.8 (80)
Tasmania 7.9 (51)

NSW/ACT: McDonald 3, Mills 2, Cubis 2, Cornell 2, Simmons, Tiziani, Rymer
Tasmania: Sushames 2, Murfitt-Cowen 2, Crossin, Davie, Johnston

NSW/ACT: Hebron, Coenen, McDonald, Mills, Irvine
Tasmania: Hayden, Batchelor, Ollington, Reynolds, Sushames, Derbyshire

Queensland 19.12 (126)
Northern Territory 9.5 (59)

Queensland: Filewood 8, Tipungwuti 3, Elmslie 3, Wagner, Budarick, Woosup, Maynard, Glover
Northern Territory: Hagan 2, Rotumah-Onus 2, Dhamarrandji 2, Hamilton, McMasters, Riley

Queensland: Filewood, Brown, Wagner, Driffield, Keays, Dennis
Northern Territory: Rotumah-Onus, Hagan, Parfitt, Shannon, Nyhuis, Carter

NSW/ACT won Division Two.

NSW/ACT captain Callum Mills won the Alan McLean Medal, presented to the Division Two best and fairest.

Results from the 2013 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships - Division One - Round Three matches played yesterday in Blacktown Olympic Sportspark in Sydney.

Vic Country 9.8 (62)
South Australia 8.12 (60)

Vic Country: Hulett 3, Mathieson 2, Dunkley, Weitering, Holmes, Schache
South Australia: Partington 2, Rocca 2, Burton 2, Graham, Beioley

Vic Country: Mathieson, Hulett , Schache , Skinner , Dunkley , Parish
South Australia: Partington , Tahana , Olekalns ,Snelling

Western Australia 8.10 (58)
Vic Metro 6.3 (39)

Western Australia: Mirco 3, Rogers 2, Chee 2, Kersten
Vic Metro: Parsons 2, Thompson 2, Gilbert, McDonald

Western Australia: Stewart, Ah Chee , Burnett , McComb , Mattews , Curnow
Vic Metro: Atkins, Parsons, O’Kearney, Wilson , Stillman

Vic Country won the Division One title

NAB AFL MVP winners:
Vic Country: Sam Skinner
South Australia: Stephen Tahana
Western Australia: Kade Stewart
Vic Metro: Nicholas O’Kearney

Vic Country’s Rhys Mathieson won the Kevin Sheehan Medal, presented to the Division One best and fairest.

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World XVIII go through undefeated | 3 comments | Create New Account
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World XVIII go through undefeated
Authored by: Rory Slater on Saturday, July 13 2013 @ 11:09 pm ACST

 ........i assume you rather clumsily, left out the important component to the NSW Div 2 winners side the  'ACT' Troy?

World XVIII go through undefeated
Authored by: Troy Thompson on Sunday, July 14 2013 @ 12:26 am ACST

 Thanks Rory, guilty as charged under the 'haste makes waste' rule.  Glad to see you are still reading.  


Do you think it would be time for Act to have a stand alone team at national U16  level?

World XVIII go through undefeated
Authored by: Brett Northey on Sunday, July 14 2013 @ 09:58 am ACST

Ah wouldn't you know it, I counted my chickens before they hatched.  So SA smashes 2 out of the other 3 teams, then kicks poorly and loses the final match by 2 points (still hard to understand how they drop back from sheer dominance to a game in the balance).  So Vic Country and SA finish on equal points but SA with a massively superior percentage, but lose the title?  I assume it's one of those rules where they go on head to head result not percentage.

And then England win the 1st Ashes Test by a whisker.  At least the Thunderbirds won the netball for SA today (not that I can claim I had any emotional connection).

Back to the footy, a bit disappointed by the South Pacific results, but I guess at U16 level many of the kids playing will be very new to footy still.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN