World XVIII demolish South Pacific

Wednesday, July 10 2013 @ 05:40 am ACST

Contributed by: Troy Thompson

Lead by 11 goals from South African born/Australian based Robert Mostert and South African Vuyisile Sokoyi, the World XVIII smashed the South Pacific in the final Round 2 match played at the Under 16 National Championships today at Blacktown International Sportspark in Sydney. 
World XVIII 22.10 (142)
South Pacific 4.6 (30)
World XVIII: Mostert 6, Sokoyi 5, Jok 3, Moussalli 2, Paligorov 2, Kerbatieh, Moshoeshoe, Sekori, Mamur
South Pacific: Siwee 2, Havea, Morehari
World XVIII: Mostert, Volker, Kerbatieh, Sokoyi, Aujla, Jok
South Pacific: Ngata, Misioli, Clark, Havea, Tirang
Other results today were;
NSW/ACT 16.13 (109) 
Northern Territory 3.5 (23)
NSW/ACT: Mills 4, Cornell 3, Bance 2, Dennemen 2, Rymer, O’Donoghue, Hey, Wilson, Coenen
Northern Territory: Dhamarrandji 2, Parfitt
NSW/ACT: Mills, Rymer, Coenen, Klemke, McDonald, Hebron
Northern Territory: Parfitt, Nyhuis, Hogan, Rotumah-Onus, Corbett
Tasmania 10.13 (73)
Queensland 9.2 (56)
Tasmania: Newson 2, Pitcher 2, Gavralas 2, Sushames 2, Dodge, Crossin
Queensland: Michael 3, Glover, Harding, Ellis, Filewood, Wagner, Skuse
Tasmania: Newson, Kilby, Hayden, Batchelor, Dyer, Lovell
Queensland: Dennis, Hartley, Driffield, Glover, Michael, Ellis
WA North West 23.16 (154)
Flying Boomerangs 4.8 (32)
WA North West: Birch 6, Howard 5, Petera 4, Ard 3, Shaw 2, Gore, Yorkshire, McAdam
Flying Boomerangs: Wilkes 2, Nickels, Thomas
WA North West: Hackett, Seton, Birch, Simons, Ard, Petera, Howard
Flying Boomerangs: Gresham, Nelson, Hampton, Wilkes, Powell-Pepper, Davis
Results from 2013 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships Round Two matches played Tuesday at Skoda Stadium in Sydney.
Vic Metro 10.6 (66)
Vic Country 10.4 (64)
Vic Metro: Peet 2, Wilson 2, Gilbert, Jeffs, Klep, O’Kearney, Pirrie, Smith
Vic Country: Schache 5, Edwards 3, Parish 2
Vic Metro: O’Kearney, Stillman, Whitehead, Hardwick, Wilson, Anderson, Atkins
Vic Country: Skinner, Parish, Cole, Dunkley, Schache, Edwards
South Australia 14.14 (98)
Western Australia 3.8 (26)
South Australia: Rocca 5, Burton 4, Olekalns 2, Haysman, Francis, Beioley
Western Australia: Eades, Clarke, Harold
South Australia: Rocca, Haysman, Dew, Combe, Olekalns, Stewart, Snelling, Francis
Western Australia: Smith, Stewart, Bennett, Shepherd

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